Below Deck Med: Natalya Scudder & Kyle Viljoen’s Feud Erupts at BravoCon Panel

Below Deck Med: Natalya Scudder & Kyle Viljoen's Feud Erupts at BravoCon Panel

BravoCon’s Below Deck panel caused a feud between Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen. In Season 8 of Below Deck Med, their disagreement has become a hot topic. The panel was supposed to be a celebration of the past season, but things took a turn when Natalya publicly confronted Kyle for giving insincere praise.

Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen: From Friends to Foes

During the heated exchange, Natalya Scudder expressed her frustrations. She pointed out that Kyle had plenty of chances to talk to her before the event but chose not to. This indicates that there is a deeper rift between them.

Once considered like siblings, Natalya and Kyle are now on opposite sides. Their friendship has soured, and both of them have confirmed that they are no longer friends. When asked about their current relationship, Kyle firmly stated, “Absolutely not.” Natalya expressed the same sentiment in a separate conversation.

What’s Next for Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen?

Fans of the show know that the drama on Below Deck Med is never just forgotten. With Natalya and Kyle insisting on their estrangement, viewers are eager to see how this will affect Season 8. What caused the divide between them, and how will it impact the crew? These questions will be answered as the season progresses.

Meanwhile, fans are also looking forward to Season 11 of Below Deck, which will return in February. But before that, there is still a chance for reconciliation or further discord on Below Deck Med in the next three months. The tension at BravoCon suggests that there may be a reunion episode where they delve deeper into the issues.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

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