Below Deck Med: Rob Westergaard Reveals What First Mate David Said To Him

Below Deck Med: Rob Westergaard Reveals What First Mate David Said To Him

Rob is opening up about his docking accident on the Below Deck Mediterranean. Malia White also weighed herself in. The South African stallion almost caused a disaster while The Wellington tried to dock on Ibiza. Rob Westergaard threw the stern line into the water three times, causing confusion, delay and temper.

It was the last straw in a list of things that showed Rob wasn’t at his full potential. His relationship with Jess More and the fact that he was in a festive place like Ibiza was in Rob’s head.

Jess and Rob were no longer in sync. Things got worse for the couple – thanks to Aesha Scott. The stallion and the boatswain went into what was going on with Rob during the Below Deck Season 5 After Show.

Below Deck Med: Rob Westergaard Reveals What First Mate David Said To Him

Captain Sandy and Malia White were angry with Rob, but the stallion understands why they were angry. Rob explained that he was under a lot of pressure and that he felt like an idiot because he had made such a beginner’s mistake.

Although the viewers could not see it at the Bravo show, Rob was fully aware of the impact of his mistake on the yacht. The damage that can be caused by such a mooring error is enormous. Rob said he was in his head after the first stern line went into the water.

“Captain Sandy relies on the measures we take to secure the ship,” he shared. “If it just floats around and does its own thing, it can cause a lot of s**t, go into other boats. I was in my head. I just took a big step. I know what the consequences of this are.

First mate David, who never saw the fans when Captain Sandy fired Hannah, offered to help Rob Westergaard throw the rear line. Rob didn’t really appreciate the help. “I know how to throw a stroke line. I just farted – three times. Like, leave me alone. It happens to the best of us,” Rob said.

The boatswain was not very happy with Rob’s mistake. Malia White called it a beginner’s mistake and explained why she got so upset on the deck handwriting of the after-show.

“That’s one thing on deck that’s like a rite of passage is your waving lines, you get those waving lines on the dock,” she said. “And if you don’t, if it falls into the piss once, that’s usually a deck fine, which means like a six-pack of beer. If it falls twice and then it falls a third time, that’s a rookie. That’s a rookie, rookie wrong.”

Malia also admitted that normally she wouldn’t get that excited. But the heavy line was crucial to their mooring in Ibiza.

She came down hard on Rob because his mistake could have changed things drastically. The deck crew just can’t make that kind of mistakes and Malia told Rob that that’s the case.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. This season of BDM, spiraled down into a not very watchable show. How could the crew function under that kind of stress, crewmates fired translate into no support. The combo of Malia and Capt. Sandy was toxic on this season

  2. Sandy states she has a reputation to uphold. While understandably so, she has no control over the hiring of the staff. She should not then apply to be on the show. She states that the crew is atypical as they are typically more experienced. The micromanagement is difficult. Hannah should have declared her medication and she should have told Sandy that she gave the suggestions for the menu. The guests wanted Vegas style food, give them steak and lobster in a gambling theme.

  3. I like both Captain Sandy and Malia. They are bad-assed women who do not need to overplay their hand or micro manage to make themselves look better. Malia took offense to being called “Sweetie” but made a point of calling her team, her “boys” and talked about how dumb they were. Sexism, racism and all isms continue so long we continue not to treat each other as equals and stop the one-upsmanship when given an opportunity to shine. Kiko should have been counseled rather than kicked in the teeth. As a somewhat equal, Hannah’s prescription drug situation could have been handled better, too. Whew. I feel better😇.

  4. I have to agree the captain and bosun this years dynamic was not pleasing. Bosun comes accross off as person drunk with power. I have worked with women for 25 years. Often times see many take advantage of position because there superior likes them. Bosun was allowed to belittle others. Toxic work environment

  5. This season of BDM has been a shitshow from the first episode. The only good thing this entire season has been the beauty of the locales filmed in. Captain Sandy micro-manages to the extent that crew members are constantly in fear of failing. Malia viciously exposed Hannah’s unreported Valium prescription. There was way too much underhandedness this season. I’m done, time to move on.

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