Below Deck Med: No Regrets

Below Deck Med: No Regrets

Captain Sandy Yawn has no regrets about Hannah Ferrier firing from below deck Mediterranean Sea. The captain has also admitted that she will never work with the former main stew again.

Season 5 of the Bravo yachting show has been full of drama. The crew changes and favoritism has outraged the fans, with Sandy Yawn endured a lot of adversity.

She has come under fire for her treatment of Hannah Ferrier and microcosm chef Kiko Lorran to his breaking point – leading to his departure. Although Captain Sandy has tried to explain her actions, viewers have considered her and boatswain Malia White to be enemy number one this season. Now it seems that the captain has finished defending herself and is speaking her mind, regardless of the implications.

Below Deck Med: No Regrets

After the episode of Hannah Ferrier’s resignation, she expressed her disappointment at the way her departure went. Hannah was the only crew member who was part of Below Deck Med since the first day. She felt that her discharge was badly handled by the captain, especially when Captain Sandy followed her to the dock. Hannah also struggled with the captain’s last words, which were full of expletives.

In an interview with E! News, Captain Sandy Yawn said that she did not regret her last words to Hannah or how she handled Hannah’s departure.

She indicated that the situation was challenging and asked the fans to introduce themselves to her shows. Again, the Bravo personality shared that her priority is always the safety of the crew and charter guests. Malia White and Captain Sandy both cited maritime law when they explained the actions taken involving Hannah with Valium on Wellington.

Captain Sandy will never work with Hannah again after the shooting incident. It comes down to trust and love for the hunt. The captain prefers to work with people she trusts and who are passionate about their careers. Thanks to Hannah not telling Captain Sandy about the valium or CBS pen, the Captain can’t trust Hannah.

It’s not the first time Captain Sandy expressed her problem with Hannah was trust and not the drugs. After the super-sized episode of Hannah’s departure, she revealed that the real problem was a lack of trust and safety.

FYI, the feeling is mutual. Hannah also stated that she will never work with Captain Sandy again. Of course, Hannah also continued the hunt, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Personality conflicts as oppose to competence is the main reason people get fired, this is the case with Capt. Sandy and Hannah. Malia, took advantage of an already tense situations on the boat. Capt Sandy, needs to check yourself. I now totally turn off on Below Deck Med now.

  2. My husband and i runs as a team in a 18 wheeler!!We wind up with random drug testing.Unfortunately when it comes to working with or around the public there’s 0 tolerance.Those 2 never got along the last few seasons.I think Malia could have handled it better,i would have talked to Hanna,gave her the option of calling whoever she needed to,at coperate,i doubt she would have been fired over valium.Captain Lee had the same situation with a crew member taking anti anxiety meds etc.she didn’t get fired.The vape pen,maybe it was CBD oil,does not mean its THC.I would have told her to make it right,throw the vape pen away.Hanna should have known better in the end,but Mila tries to hard to look good,almost breaking her leg jumping in the water after a jet ski flipped.I never like people who flirt to get what they want,she had the boys go at each other a few times before she was a boson.She said its a man’s world the hrs brutal.So is my job,we run 24/7,6500miles a wk.14 hrs work,11 driving,3 for other BS.were gone 4 wks home 7days.Only 3 per cent,are female.I wouldnt want to ruin anybodys career without talking to them.Was Hannah pregnant while smoking,doing drugs?

  3. I think Malia is a bit of a turncoat. We know she runs games on guys. Look at the last time she was on. She had two guts and played them against each other. No big deal but it showed a lot about her character. And as far as the guy calling her “Sweetheart”, sometimes that’s just habit. I do it, in fact. But, she was calling her crew “boys”. No man likes to be called a boy. It’s degrading. I liked her in the very beginning. But now—nope. She’s even telling the chef when to take a break!! I know he’s her boyfriend but, that’s not her territory. And she needs to do her job and let Tom do his.
    Sandy made Kiko a wreck. She stood there with her eyes widening and narrowing and nodding. Get back to the wheelhouse, Sandy. Let the others run their departments.
    Malia—give the respect you demand. And stop thinking you’re all that. You’re young. Unfortunately your “I’m the boss” attitude will ruin any relationship eventually.
    I stopped watching the housewife shows because it was an hour of women screaming, yelling and drinkin

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