Below Deck Med: The Malia White and Stephanie Factor

Below Deck Med: The Malia White and Stephanie Factor

Christine Bugsy Drake opens up about the pressure she felt to get along with Tom Checketts while working on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Viewers watched as Christine Bugsy Drake comforted Aesha Scott after Tom’s cucumber tantrum, causing the second stew to burst into tears. There is no doubt that Tom Checketts was wrong. He didn’t have to talk to Aesha Scott that way or vent his frustration on her.

Christine Bugsy Drake did not see the interaction, but saw the effect it had on Aesha Scott. The moment was difficult for Christine Bugsy Drake, who wanted to defend Aesha Scott. However, Bugsy had to be careful because of the personal pressure she felt to get along with Tom Checketts.

The chief stewardess spoke out about maintaining Tom’s professionalism during the Below Deck Med After Show. She also talked about the personal commitment that put more pressure on her to get along with the chief.

Below Deck Med: The Malia White and Stephanie Factor

As the fans know, Malia met her now ex-boyfriend Tom Checketts while she was working with Bugsy’s sister Stephanie on a yacht. Malia White shared it with Stephanie who brought Tom and Malia White together.

There is a personal connection between the group outside of work, which made things a bit more complicated. “To be honest, I felt there was a lot of pressure for Tom and I to get along because my sister is friends with him. Malia White is my friend, and she goes out with him,” shared Christine Bugsy Drake.

“So I think there was an extra pressure for him and me in the work sense of chef stew and chef to be very civilized towards each other. There’s a lot at stake if not. Bugsy admitted that she and Tom Checketts got along very well during their stay at The Wellington.

There is one thing Christine Bugsy Drake will not tolerate, and that is that someone is a jerk to her stews. Christine Bugsy Drake has spilled, she is very protective of her stews. It’s not right with Bugsy that her team is mistreated in any way.

The fact that she is protective of her stews made it a challenge for her to balance her work and personal relationship with Tom. Had it not been for the emotional pressure, Bugsy would have had a much different working relationship with the chef.

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