Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Thinks Hannah Ferrier Sabotaged Herself

Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Thinks Hannah Ferrier Sabotaged Herself

Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White continue to cast shadows on Hannah Ferrier over her lower deck Mediterranean fires. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen wasted no time asking Malia White and Sandy about the setback they suffered over the way Hannah was fired. Both women stand by their actions and blame Hannah for not following protocol.

Yep, Malia White, and Captain Sandy hold on to their guns that their decisions were based on maritime law. They did their duty and were not about to jeopardize their work. It’s the same thing Sandy and Malia have sprayed since the episode with Hannah’s shooting.

Plus, the two women have made it clear that they have nothing nice to say about the former main stew.

Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Thinks Hannah Ferrier Sabotaged Herself

After acknowledging all the hatred she received, Captain Sandy Hannah Ferrier blamed her for not concentrating on the job and looking for a way out of the hunt.

“I didn’t tell Hannah to behave like this. Hannah probably sabotaged herself because she really didn’t have any leave. And I think maybe that was her leaving. You know, I think it was a subconscious,” Sandy Yawn said.

She also explained that Hannah was involved with her boyfriend Josh and wanted to start a family. Hannah made no secret of wanting to be a mother. Sandy felt that Hannah was ready for the next phase of her life, but couldn’t find a way to leave Below Deck Med.

The captain claims that Hannah is the only one to blame. While Sandy feels bad, people think she is the reason Hannah was fired, while Hannah is the reason. “Hannah fired herself. I didn’t fire her,” Sandy said. Although she wished Hannah the best, most fans think it wasn’t authentic and only for Sandy to save face.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I agree. She has been underperforming for quite awhile. This way it’s someone else’s fault. She needs to own her actions. If she didn’t want to be there, admit it and quit!

  2. Lie #1 – that was left over from her trip from LA
    Lie #2 – she hasn’t taken Valium since she has been on the boat.
    Lie #3 – Captain Sandy never said “narcotics”. Hannah threw that word in herself.
    Lie #4 – why wasn’t the prescription label on the bottle or CBD packaging.

  3. I think that if it was not TV, she would have had more leeway. Get your prescription here and we will enter it in the book. But since it was TV captured on video,, there was a difficulty in getting ahead of it. Hannah had too much anxiety to be there anymore anyway. A blessing in disguise

  4. It was sabotage all right. It was Sandy (captain my ass) Malia who sabotaged everything so that whiney little boy Tom could be chef and Malia would have someone to spoon. Disgusting. Shame on Sandy and Malia. They are so jealous of Hannah that they had to stop so low. Gross.

  5. Malia didn’t care an even helped get a valium for her while she was having a panic attacks. It only became an issue when hannah wouldn’t trade cabins. Also I have seen guests and employees drink way to much an nothing is done. Isn’t it a bartenders job to cut someone off when they over drink.

  6. Really Capt. Sandy??? If Hannah wanted our she would have said so. Everyone hates their job once in a while.
    You and Malia can paint whatever picture you want but we all saw what went down. Why does Malia think a bosun is above the chefshe thinks she is on the same level as the capt. Even Capt Lee said the chief stew is above the chef

  7. Really Sandy? Hannah wamted out so self sabotaged herself?

    Hannah made it clear at the start that this was going to be her final season. Why would she be all the way over there if she didn’t want to be there?
    Everyone gets fed up with their job at some point and we all say we hate our job when things go really south. You know that Sandy. You’re the captain of a boat and I be you have said it too.
    Malia is just a little stuck up cow that couldn’t bet her own way with Hannah and the room swap. She had to bitch to Sandy where it was wrongly decided that she could change rooms! Who does she think she is? Just because her tantrum throwing, wanker of a boyfriend could be her? Why should Sandy and Bugs have to give up their room? It’s wrong.

    Malia and Sandy and Jess destroyed the rest of this season. Thank God Aeisha came on board.

  8. Captain Sandy, Yawn by name and Yawn by nature.
    Self appointed expert on everything, producers must love the bs.

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