Below Deck Med: Malia White Has Christine Bugsy Drake’s Full Support

Below Deck Med: Malia White Has Christine Bugsy Drake’s Full Support

Christine Bugsy Drake is opening up about Malia White reporting Hannah Ferrier for valium on Below Deck Mediterranean. Season 5 was a roller coaster ride for fans of the Bravo yachting show. It is by far one of the craziest seasons in the franchise.

According to Bugsy Drake, there is much more drama coming in the latest episodes. She warned fans that there is still a lot to do for the crew of The Wellington.

One of the most discussed stories is, of course, Hannah’s dismissal and the role Malia played in getting her ousted. The departure also led Bugsy Drake to become head stew, which according to some fans was Malia’s plan, Bugsy and Captain Sandy Yawn.

Bugsy Drake recently shared her thoughts about Hannah Ferrier leaving the show Bravo. She also expressed that no more bad blood between Bugsy and Hannah Ferrier.

Now the new stew boss is opening up about her friend Malia and the role Malia played in Hannah Ferrier being fired.

Below Deck Med: Malia White Has Christine Bugsy Drake’s Full Support

It is no secret that Malia and Bugsy are best friends. The boatswain discussed their friendship in detail after discovering that Bugsy Drake was replacing the second Lara Flumiani stew, which abandoned the ship after just one charter.

The two women met in the second season of Below Deck Mediterranean, but they did not get close until the end of shooting. So, it should come as no surprise to fans that Bugsy Drake fully supports Malia’s decision to report Hannah to Captain Sandy.

“She knows more about maritime law and the more serious side of yachting. I think she did what she had to do and, you know, I can’t judge her for that,” Bugsy Drake shared with E! News.

Yes, Bugsy is using maritime laws, just like Malia and Captain Sandy did to justify the actions taken against Hannah to get valium and a CBD pen. Hannah had the medication to help her with her anxiety and panic attacks.

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  1. The two of them are Snakes in the Grass coiled up together. There is no such thing as “maritime law.” There are various laws in various countries regarding admiralty and ships at sea. This is not a violation of any Spanish admiralty law. There is no statute that Hannah violated this was all a Bravo setup Who do they think they are they kidding? Hannah has some kind of contract that keeps her from truly defending herself it’s sad.

  2. Who are you kidding? Of course, there’s Maritime Law and all crew working on yachts above 3000GT have to have an STCW 95 Certification which outlines the guidlines regarding medication and drugs for personal use. They were totally following the regulations.

  3. Those 2 snakes can be beheaded and deserve what they serve will come back to haunt them and they both will in time!

  4. Malia is bully!!! She will f**k anyone to get ahead. In fact that what she did to get to be boson. Giving BJ to anyone. F**king two guy on the same boat.

  5. Malia is bully!!! She will f**k anyone to get ahead. In fact that what she did to get to be boson. Giving BJ to anyone. F**king two guy on the same boat.

  6. there lucky Hannah don’t pursue a wrongful dismissal case . U don’t go through someone’s personal belongings to purposely get someone dismissed because of a argument over cabin arrangements. That’s the equivalent of a police officer searching the trunk of your vehicle without a warrant. If it was me they would be sued big time .

  7. Malia, is an backstabbing opportunist, who violated Hannah’s privacy by going thru her belonging. Despite that unethical behavior Malia, should have confronted Hannah and given her the opportunity to come clean with Capt. Sandy. Bugsey, who didn’t like Hannah anyway, so I wasn’t a stretch to support Malia. I guess it was karma that Tom kicked her to the curb.

  8. Give me a break. Captain Lee had the same situation in a previous season where everybody said Kat drank alcohol while on charter. She brought her anxiety medicine to Captain Lee and told him that those pills made her act that way. He didn’t immediately fire her. And her behavior was way worse than Hannah’s. Captain Sandy should have just taken control of her medication like Captain Lee did. The snakes set it all up. Captain Sandy your next in line to be back stabbed by Malia. She’s gonna want that Captains position.

  9. Yes, there is maritime law. Absolutely. However, Malia, as a friend could have 1. Asked Hanna if she had taken the valium and for that matter so could have Capt. Sandy. Nope they went on assumption. Hannah would still have been let go but not painted as a nut job or drug addict. When Hannah had the anxiety attack, Malia COULD have said to Hannah you know the Capt needs to be made aware of your anxiety attack, do you want to tell her or I will. Nope she was a snake. She could have reported it and had Sandy go look for it but she went through Hannahs personal property. Who knows maybe Malia was looking for her misplaced integrity. She is a snake, Sandy is a snake and Bugsy us a snake

  10. Show needs to Fire the hiring person that chooses these hacks!! Almost not worth watching with these unstable personalities!

  11. It was all too convenient for Malia to go back to their cabin and photograph the contents of Hannah’s belongings. Especially when she knew from earlier that Hannah had Valium for extreme anxiety. Hannah’s got to own her lack of reporting her possession of them to the boat, but it wasn’t the first time we all knew of her anxiety issue. Malia saw this as an opportunity to get to bunk with her boyfriend (the new chef). Pathetic!

  12. You forgot that Hannah did give Mailia permission to get the pen and valum which she did but Malia.took the picture while.Hannah was taking the drugs unsupervised
    And yes malia mentioned and warned hannah

    Just like a medic has to report. Drug use in the army

  13. Umm hate to break it to you but this isn’t the first time Hannah BROKE professionalism
    The same season with malia and bugsy.
    Hannah slept with a client while.on charter and reported feedback to the client which went to the boats iPad after he broke his phone. Not only did Hannah lie ro captain Sandy after bugsy and malia asked her to come clean . But she accused them of invading her privacy

    Though she broke the ships rules by running into the clients room after telling him how sexy he was after hours and didn’t sleep till much later . She said he forced a kiss on her but he texted her multiple times about meeting later
    And yes Hannah got scolded and WARNED ABOUT IT
    this was season 3

  14. Malia is an opportunist, Bugsy is a rat, and Sandy is an arrogant 2nd rate Boss with a chip on her shoulder because she is a woman. (Who never liked Hannah to begin with.). Hannah was doing her JOB. PERIOD!

  15. Malia is a bitch. She saw the meds way b4 turning Hannah in . They were on Hannah’s bed on a previous episode . She decided to get Hannah in trouble over the bs argument about bunking with her bf.. she was being asshole . They didn’t get hired together and it’s not like she hadn’t hooked up with 2 guys without sharing a room b4.. Malia is a snake and just wanted to get rid of Hannah. Total ass. She didn’t do it to follow rules. She knew about the drugs and pulled them out of her bag and took pics weeks later out of revenge.. and of course best friend Bugsy is on her side cant stand either whore!

  16. I agree they didn’t like hannah they kissed sandy’s ass knowing she gay I’m prejudice by all means but sandy is more a always seems to run to sand for as she told hannah females than males mila needs yo man up as she told her she’s the baby

  17. Y’all on here saying there’s no Maritime law and how Malia is so bad for turing in Hannah are idiots. That’s their JOB, not just entertainment for YOU!! They could be jailed for drugs onboard no matter who”s they are. You’re the ones who think the world owes you something, right?? No, people need to be held accountable for their actions, PERIOD. SHE WAS.

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