Below Deck Med: Kate Chastain Thinks Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran Wanted Out

Kate Chastain from Below Deck resembled Hannah Ferrier’s “Vegas Night” food proposals for a TGI Friday’s, which shades the former Below Deck Mediterranean main stew for not realizing Vegas offers a lot of good restaurants.

Kate now offers her hot takes over previous Below Deck Med episodes this season. She dropped her comment when Ferrier chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran advised on what he should serve for the now famous Vegas meal.

Hannah Ferrier suggested nachos and truffle fries, adding that that’s the price she enjoys in Las Vegas. “Oh, Hannah Ferrier has only been to TGI Friday’s in Vegas,” Kate said. “That’s so sad. It has some of the best restaurants on the planet.”

Below Deck Med: Kate Chastain Thinks Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran Wanted Out

Captain Sandy Yawn confronted Christine “Bugsy” Drake with bringing the fried food signs, especially the nachos to the guests. Drake said her hands were tied. But Kate Chastain said there were plenty of times when she’d just scooped a chef’s plate when the food looked subtle.

“Put some green somewhere!” Kate insisted. “Drop some asparagus. Make a Caesar salad. Caesar’s Palace salad! Mussels casino?”

Kate noted that Chives probably had bad flashbacks until last season. The first chef of season 4 was also going to serve nachos, but Ferrier refused to bring them to the guests. “Nachos are Captain Sandy Yawn’s kryptonite,” she said. “Sandy has Mila flashbacks.”

When Yawn confronted Lorran about the menu, Chastain thinks he knows what’s going on. Lorran told Yawn he was leaving the boat. Instead she asked him to pass the charter and stick to the food he knows. But he persisted until she finally agreed to him leaving the boat. “Kiko wants to leave,” suppose Chastain. “Kiko begs for alms”. All right, all right, go away! She’s all right, of course!”

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  1. Who cares what you think. Little Miss Polly Prissy Pants has nothing better to do then stick her STUCK UP NOSE in everyones business. BISH..

  2. Oh god, who wrote this?! A 3 year-old? Is a little basic English knowledge too much to ask for? Maybe 5 minutes of proof reading?

    Look up the definition of “resemble”. There’s a common joke about it (you.)

    What is a “fast food sign”?

    “‘Kiko wants to leave’, suppose Chastain”?

    And who the hell is “Chives”?


  3. It’s really hard for me to watch this shitshow. Especially when Kate sits there and acts like she knows everything and could do so much better. Ms. No personally

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