Below Deck Med: Making Mistakes And Being Human

Below Deck Med: Making Mistakes And Being Human

Malia White has been criticized by fans for her behavior in season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean. There is no doubt that Malia is under fire for several of her actions at the Bravo show. Season 2, it was her lying about knowing Adam Glick, then getting into a love triangle with Adam and Wesley Walton.

The boatswain claimed that she changed a lot from her first stint on Below Deck Med. However, fans have watched her be manipulative, brotherly, and selfish, to say the least, this season. Malia and Captain Sandy Yawn have become public enemy number one for the fans.

As Malia clarifies some information about her personal life, she shares a message to the fans and the haters.

Below Deck Med: Making Mistakes And Being Human

In an Instagram video, Malia White first discussed her relationship with Tom Checketts and Captain Sandy said that Malia is secretly gay in a Cameo message.

After opening up to these two hot button topics, Malia shared a second video in which she talked about her actions on Below Deck Mediterranean this season. “You’ve seen a lot of my personal side. Some of the good, a lot of the bad,” Malia shared in the video. “You know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’m just a human being, and I don’t think I’ve been as vocal on social media as some people want me to be, or expect me to be. I just want to say I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed someone with my actions or, you know, whatever it is”.

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Malia does not go into details regarding her behavior or apologize for certain actions. Instead, she lets fans know that she is a work in progress.

“I’m learning, from a personal point of view and professionally, this is all new to me, and I can only hope to grow from any experience,” she said. “Come with me, please. I’m listening, and I appreciate the feedback, even if you don’t hear from me. I hope this clears the air. Thank you for listening.

Fans have expressed their anger at the boatswain for the role she played in getting Hannah Ferrier fired. There is also speculation that Malia and Captain Sandy have had cook Kiko Loran fired so that Tom can become a cook at The Wellington. The comment section of Malia White’s post is still disabled. She turned them off amid all the Below Deck Mediterranean backlash.

There is no doubt that Malia White’s actions will be addressed during the cast reunion show next month. She has a lot to answer for as far as the viewers are concerned.

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. Can’t stand Malia. She is stuck up, back stabbing, untrustworthy, lying, hypocritical, scank. Won’t watch below deck, if she is on. Love the show, but can’t, and won’t watch with this scank on the show. Wake up below deck, alit of fans are turning off the sho. No one likes this bitch

  2. Yes, Denise was the scapegoat. I think she was a threat to Kyle’s way of controlling the narrative. Andy likes to count how many times a word or name is said. How many times was Denise Richard’s name mentioned. I used to enjoy the show. First it was LVP, Camille and now Denise.

  3. Watching Beverly Hills HW was torture this year. LISA RINNA just delighted in being as hurtful to everyone as possible. Glad Teddy is gone. I dont like the fst blond woman either. I long for the days of seeing Yolanda s home and lifestyle. She was so inspiring. I loved Li who wants sa Vanderpump s home and how many pink flowers she had in her home. Such style!!! Lisa R and her cheap clothing line, ugly house that needs updating badly.

  4. I agree with the boat’s maritime law about drugs, however it didn’t seem a problem until she couldn’t room with Tom. 2-3 days had passed from her first knowing about the medicine, and Malia reporting it. Should have been done, first thing, if she felt it was so important.

  5. Sorry Denise is no scapegoat. She reaps what she does as they all do. Her expressions and back and forth with lies is irritating. Don’t think much of her at all and glad she’s gone. Now just wish for them to get her of the B&B. She’s not a good actress. Sorry just my thoughts

  6. Whata bunch of bull. Maybe she shouldn’t sleep her way to the top. There is a reason you put in time in each upgrade, it is called experience. She is a disgrace to women who play by the rules and are bypassed for the promotions

  7. I too am glad Teddy is gone, preachy ànd boring. How could Kyle say anything about Denise’s style when she took Teddy under her wing the last couple of seasons to TRY and spruce her up! I do feel like Denise was a target and Lisa R wow another bully! I really liked Garcelle and I thought she did a good job of asking tough questions when everyone was piling up on Denise. The problem with most of the RH casts is that everyone likes to talk and very get like to listen.. an important àspect of communication. Plus they all want to force their opinions down the other person’s throat. What happened to here is my opinion, here’s yours and if they differ so be it!! Yeah, below deck all of them have been bad to Capt Lee who I loved, over protecting Kate and letting her cause havoc to this season with Capt Sandy has been disappointing at best!

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