Below Deck Med: Calling out Captain Sandy and Malia White.

Below Deck Med: Calling out Captain Sandy and Malia White.

Hannah Ferrier is talking about her dramatic shot from Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy Yawn and boatswain Malia White. Fans have watched Captain Sandy Yawn cut Hannah Ferrier lose after Malia White reported that the head stew to get valium and CBD pen. Hannah took her lumps and tried to leave The Wellington peacefully.

However, Captain Sandy continued to harass her, even insinuating that Hannah Ferrier was trying to throw away her drugs. The captain also followed Hannah Ferrier off the yacht while the stew master was looking for a moment of privacy.

It certainly wasn’t the fan of the outing who felt that Hannah Ferrier deserved it, having been a key part of the Below Deck Mediterranean since the first season. The former stew boss agrees. She’s doing the big voice on the way out, plus Captain Sandy and Malia White’s involvement in her departure.

Below Deck Med: Calling out Captain Sandy and Malia White.

Hannah Ferrier calls Captain Sandy not only because of the word she used during Hannah’s shooting, but also because he didn’t want to leave her alone. The captain following Hannah on the dock was too much.

“I think it was handled very poorly, and I think it was handled very unprofessionally. The fact that she screamed, “F***k you!’ is insane,” Hannah Ferrier shared with E! News.

The whole situation is still not good for Hannah Ferrier, who admitted not talking to Captain Sandy. However, the captain contacted to ask for Hannah’s address to send a gift for the baby.

As for Malia White, Hannah Ferrier is at her side and claims that the boatswain is a snake. Hannah is also shooting Malia White for calling her anxiety medication “narcotics” in Watch What Happens Live. The Bravo personality feels like Malia’s words paint her as a drug addict and make her mental health look bad.

“There are so many people in the world who suffer from mental illness. And it’s 2020. We shouldn’t make people feel like they feel inferior to taking drugs for mental illness. Or make them feel like they can’t do a job, or they can’t do what normal people can do,” the former head stew guy explained to People magazine.

Hannah Ferrier would have preferred to leave Below Deck Mediterranean on a different note, but she finished looking back. She’s moving away from the Bravo show and the drama.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Hannah was completely toxic and got what she deserved. She was lazy and obnoxious. She could have followed the rules of the boat and registered her drugs.

  2. I for one am on Hannahs side. Yes she should have reported it but…to make her feel so low. Sandy had NO business following her off the boat. Especially when she knows petsonally Hannah has anxiety. You let her go so leave her alone even trying to send a baby gift, its only a guilt gift and would only remind Hannah of what happened. Not cool.
    Malia went into Hannahs belongimgs when she should have just gone to Sandy with what she thought and let it go from there. No one should trust her in the future. You go Hannah you’ve got a beautiful baby on the way and thats all you should think about!💕❤

  3. Hannah broke the Maritime Law period. She put the entire yacht in jeopardy. She knew better, but withheld the information and took the drugs. Now she suffers her own fate.

  4. Anyone who thinks taking Valium for a mental issue has never seen a mental health professional. Valium is a depressant. The very worst drug to take for a mental hhealth issue. She wouldn’t know because she hasn’t seen one.

  5. What about crew members still working after binge drinking all night and then work on the yacht. Isnt that a safety concern ?

  6. Does anyone remember the first first season of Below Deck and Kat’s situation? Her boss accused her of being drunk and really she took an antidepressant. Look how the wonderful Captain Lee handled it. Why is her situation different than Hannah situation? Captain Sandy handled Everything wrong!! And why is Malia’s first and most important priority is that she absolutely has to room with her boyfriend?!! It’s two weeks get over it!! Malia needs to be removed her job isn’t her priority!!

  7. We to judge, walk a mile in another’s shoe, then it mite be a different option. And Valium isn’t really for anxiety but is is given by many Dr’s for that.

  8. This isn’t for the person who said you don’t take valium for an emotional problem. You absolutely do take valium or xanax or Klonopin if you have anxiety. That’s a fact look it up. You all sound so stupid when you make fun of somebody who has emotional or mental problems I wouldn’t wish panic attacks on anyone you feel like you’re dying and your Dr then prescribes you anxiety medicine which is valium or xanax or Klonopin so don’t act so damn stupid when you make your comment look it up. And the way Malia arranged all of her stuff makes Hannah look like some kind of deal or drug addict which I know she’s not you can tell when somebody is a drug addict. Especially when you’re on benzos and you’re not taking them. Hannah definitely is not a drug dealer she has that medicine for anxiety attacks. And like I said for you dumbasses out there who think volume is not prescribed for anxiety look it up it is too.

  9. I have lost total respect for Captain Sandy and I never liked Malia! The way she behaved the last time she was on the boat was disgusting! And her disgusting Behavior continues! This whole thing about drugs on a boat 5 mg of Valium it’s hardly heavy-duty drugs! Hannah should have log them but this whole thing about Captain Sandy not feeling safe with her is total BS

  10. Isn’t it. Funny how malias first stint on below deck broke all moral cardinal rules- not only sleeping with 2 hierarchy males at the same time but lying to both about her real ambition sleeping her way to the top- how soon she forgets that’s ok – but ratting someone else out and not handling things more professionally because she couldn’t sleep in the same bunk with her anger issue crappy chef boyfriend

  11. Hannah was treated poorly all the time by sandy and Malia is just a piece of crap. Bugsy too. These 3 think they are so great and do nothing wrong. Will not watch these 3. Best wishes to hannah and her baby.

  12. Valium is used for the treatment of anxiety, which Hannah has. She also suffers from panic attacks. There were two situations where Hannah was “off duty” due to her problems. Malia wanted to sleep with Tom. Hannah and Bugsy discussed the situation and BOTH decided it would be in their best interest not to bunk together. Capt Sandy decides she captains the love boat and allows male/female cohabitation. Malia is nothing but a horny little girl. Capt Sandy crossed the line big time with her behavior as she fired Hannah and following her on deck. If I was Hannah, Captain Sandy would have been tossed off the dock.

  13. I think Malia is a little bitch and I will never watch any below deck that entitled little bitch or sandy are on. It could have been handled off screen. Anxiety is a terrible disease and sandy of all people shoukd know better. But I guess destroying people is good fir rating😰

  14. While I really like Hannah and totally understand the panic attack which I have suffered and must be even worse on a boat etc. She has been on the show long enough to know the rules, this put the crew and boat in serious legal repercussions that could have been a career loss for Sandy and the show, owner of the boat. How do you think that is ok? I do think Malia should have discussed it with Hannah but again if she hid it and it became an issue she would lose her job . Hannah I love you but you made a choice and just own up I wish you nothing but happiness with your new baby and hope you feel better and anxiety is nothing to be ashamed about. It happens to millions at all different times of your life. I will miss you , you are my favorite chief stew!!!!!

  15. There is a lot of ignorance in the comments. Valium is NOT a Narcotic. The Ignoramus that stated Physicians don’t prescribe Valium is WRONG. We use it for multiple conditions including Anxiety exacerbations, though there are better medications for long term control.

  16. I thought Hannah handled her dismissal better than Capt Sandy. Sandy favored Malia this season. I thought Malia was terrific at the beginning of the season, but it seams her title went to her head.
    Malia should have reported the “drugs”, but could have handled the situation differently. It seemed she did it to retaliate the cabin arrangement situation. I hope Hannah is present for the Reunion.

  17. Hannah needs to take responsibility for what she done. Playing the Victim when it all happened because she done wrong things…and she put everyone elses careers and lives on the takes a sorry ass person who tries to do that. You were in wrong at every turn Hannah. Woman-up and accept the blame. Stop trying to make others feel bad.

  18. I have had mental illness for 25 years now. Valium is in the benzo category of meds. For the person who said u don’t take Valium for mental illness is wrong. When u r having an episode of depression a lot of the time the anxiety is right there with it. The pain becomes so severe in your mind that u just want it to stop. That’s how suicide comes into play. You just want the pain to stop and it won’t. When taking a Valium it helps the pain subside for a time so u can get thru a day. My psychiatrist has given it to me for years. It is a medicine you have to be careful with because it can be addictive.

  19. There’s nothing wrong with taking valume especially if it’s prescription doesn’t mean you can’t do your job. Garuntee if Hannah have her bunk to the snake nothing would of been said about the medicine Hannah pissed Malia off and of course Malia went bo9ohooo to the capt

  20. Valium IS often used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Mental health issues aren’t always depression. Malia was just being vindictive over the not wanting to share a bunk with Bugsy

  21. Valium IS used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Mental health issues aren’t always just depression.

  22. Malia is a SNAKE. Granted Hannah should have registered the drugs per law, but Malia chose to backstab and tell what she suspected. She should have just talked to Hannah first and resolve it in a grown up way.
    Malia is so far up adept Sandy’s a## it’s so Obvious to all, but the Capt.
    Hannah may not have been the stew she was on previous seasons, but she certainly did NOT DESERVE the treatment she received.

  23. If it was such a big deal to have the valium, why didnt Malia tell the captain right away? Im not sure how the show is edited, but it appears Hannah had an anxiety attack a few days before and told Malia she needed her Valium. It wasnt until after the disagreement about changing cabins that Malia told the captain. It comes off more as petty revenge than concern for the law.

  24. It seemed to me that Hanna hated her job and was nice only if she had a favorite . Hanna can only blame herself it no one’s fault but hers sooner or later it would of come out. Captain sandy is in charge of the boat and didn’t even have to let her off once again blaming everyone else . I just wish Hanna would be honest and take her blame if she didn’t want to go out that way I will say this explains Hanna’s total behavior. I really do wish you well Hanna honesty is the first step to recovery God bless

  25. I am #teamhannah and kiko. I hate Malia who is immature and vengeful and untrustworthy and Sandy who is pretty and manipulative and should not manage for so many reasons. They will get their comeuppance because karma, like the, is a b****. Malia and Sandy make female managers look bad. Sandy micromanaging and playing favourites. Malia going through her superior’s belongings. What those 2 have done is a million times worse than what Hannah ever did. LMAO. Backfired on those 2 snaky women Malia and Sandy. Don’t give out Hannah’s address. It is against the law, illegal, criminal since Bravo loves to bandy those words around. Yes I managed middle management and was responsible for millions of dollars so a step up from Sandy who is less professional than one of my personal assistants. I would have fired Sandy and Malia in a heartbeat. So Bravo condones Sandy’s criminal harassment of Hannah and Malia’s criminal search of Hannah’s belongings. Of course Bravo will look the other way and allow these 2 criminals a pass. Shame on you Bravo. You turn my stomach. Hannah you are better off away from a toxic environment. Unless you are Sandy’s pets then you are allowed to lie, cheat and steal or do criminal things to your heart’s content. Double standard everybody.

  26. I’ve never been a fan of Hannah in the past but this season Captain Sandy and Malia went to far. They are both snakes. Yep she should have disclosed but the way it went down was totally unprofessional. Malia went thru her things. Captain followed her off the boat due to her own guilty feelings and when she didn’t get the response she as a captain acted horribly. And Malia’s fake concern. BU÷×S#@T.

  27. I think Captain Sandy got rid of Hannah because The Captain wanted to do lesbian things like carpet munching and scissoring with Hannah, but Ms.Ferrier prefers the spam javelin. Had to find reason to banish her for shutting down her advances .

  28. Captain Sandy was correct in what she did!! MARITIME LAW. I worked on yachts for over 20 years. I would have been fired with what she did. Hanna was never a great head Stew. Could not deal with people…to much drama and baggage. Just saying

  29. Not a big fan of Hannah, however Captain Sandy and Melia make me sick. Amelia used Wes on previous season and then as soon as he couldn’t be of any use to her she dropped him and cheated on him. She strung Adam on in case Wes didn’t provide the promotion to lead deck hand. She ran and boo hoodoo Sandy because she couldn’t bed her chef boy toy. Sandy does the ” oh yea watch this,I’ll dig some more HaNnah and without hesitation or regard for anyone else and switches rooms for mean girl Melia. Watch your back Sandy, Melia wants to caption about. Your back might be the next recipient of Melias knife. You both deserve each other.

  30. Valium is absolutely used in a medical setting for anxiety!!!! So r a lot of other meds? Idk who thinks valium is not used in therapy for high anxiety? That is bs and yes Hannah broke maritime law but several others have also and what Maila did is a gross invasion of privacy and should’ve NO could’ve been dealt w another way but she wanted to sleep w her bf and b immature!! This is what it all boils down to. An immature bosun, a chef that is a flake, a captain that is not tolerable and I just cancelled my pvr cuz I think the whole season is immature.. but to say valium is not used for depression/ anxiety? U r wrong and r obviously not a Dr I have been involved w the medical field for years and know that valium is about the first step to a puzzle of medications to treat anxiety!!!

  31. even though Malia White ratted out Hannah, and I am against that, she is just too beautiful to be angry at. Just one man’s opinion. Malia has come a long long way and studied very hard to get to the position she is at in her life at the moment. She is honest and hard-working and knows how to take command of a situation. Kudos to Malia. Hannah should have reported her diazepam herself. As for the vape pen, well…. everyone seems to be doing some sort of marijuana these days. States have legalized it. Although she was at Sea, and it was illegal to have it on board, Hannah I admit that you made a mistake. Take responsibility for your actions oh, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Hannah, good luck with your pregnancy and hope your little girl turns out wonderful.

  32. So Sandy Yawn needs to explain why it’s perfectly acceptable for the crew to go out & get blind ass drunk then be working 4 hours later!? That’s unsafe & they should not be trusted! Yet Hannah gets screwed over by Ma-lie-a White who goes threw (Hannahs) a crew members things & that’s ok? NO it’s not! Ma-lie-a should have reported to Sandy & let her (the captain) handle it!
    Ma-lie-a should be fired as breach if trust is part of why Hannah was let go! Talk about double standards! I will never ever watch again as I’m disgusted by Sandy Yawn &
    Ma-lie-a White!

  33. Medical professional here….Valium taken at prescribed doses (usually very low) for break through anxiety CAN be taken while operating a vehicle or machinery as long as its taken as prescribed AND “said” person has taken the medication before and not experienced any negative side effects. Typically abusers of these meds give a bad name to those eho use them responsibly and take only occasionally and in small prescribed quantities. No onr should be shaming another for mental health disorders nor do we know she was taking it. Perhaps she only takes it when on to my second thought, they are allowed to drink on board and come back wasted and probably are still intoxicated the next morning so umm there is a MUCH bigger issue going on. The way alcohol impairs you compared to a prescribed dose of abortive medicationis much worse. Also Dramamine is allowed on board and has similar side effects to low dose abortive doses of Valium for anxiety. Last but not least, she did not report the medication though so of course this is an offensive worth being fired over, however, the crew are often clearly under the influence of other legal drugs that don’t need to be reported, therefore the rules need to either A) Be across the board or B) the other deck hands and stews need tp be responsible for their actions. I think Captain Sandy owes an apology to Hannah and Malia needs to go crawl back under a rock. What a snake!

  34. Every crew member has had their moments good and bad behavior, however what Malia did was malicious and calculated. Capt. Sandy was already on a tear after firing the Kiko. Malia could have confronted Hannah first and given her the chance to come clean with the Capt. If there was no follow thru then telling Capt. Sandy would have been appropriate. But invading her personal things wrong. But Malia ambitious and amoral, as she lied about her relationship with Adam, hooked with another deckhand on the same charter. She must have a thing for chefs. I will not watch BDM if Malia is on it and Capt. Sandy needs to check herself toon

  35. Malia was being vindictive because she sat on that information until Hannah said she didn’t want to room with Bugsy. The final time she said it, You could see Malia basically smirk like, “I got you Bitch”
    She’s a snake. She only did it to room with her boyfriend. She enjoyed what she did. She didn’t do it for any other reason

  36. I agree that the rampant alcoholism is way more dangerous on Below Deck than the anti anxiety low level Valium that Hannah was prescribed by her doctor. Valium is a benzo not a narcotic. Alcoholism and subsequent hangovers seen on this show by the deck crews are way way way more scary

  37. Hannah absolutely deserved to be fired. Doesnt matter Malia ratted her out. Hannah know the rules. She was lazy, unapproachable, unhelpful and down right rude. She acted fake to staff and guess. She had the panick attack cause of her guilt for Kiko being fired and she didn’t have the guts to defend him to captain Sandy. Even though the responsibility falls on Kiko I think it wouldn’t have weighed so heavily on Hannah thus the panick attack. Cap Sandy wouldn’t have fired Hannah if she has come clean. Everytime cap Sandy approached Hannah cause she seemed “off” Hannah’s response was ingenious and her face expression was ingenious. People pay alot of money and give nice tips and Hannah always say bad thing about them. It was time for her to go

  38. Hannah treated badly.Sandy unprofessional,Melia, a sneak unprofessional,hypocritical all because she wanted hannah and bugs to share room so she could s leep with her boyfriend. Crew gets bombed when they are off duty, malia goes searching trough Hannah’s handbag.Sandy s worried about her license? She should not be Captain.

  39. Season 2 epi #14 Colin gets hurt(awesome guy btw) gets meds for his arm. It looked liked he gave himself his own meds every 4 hrs.
    Not Milia’s maritime story, should be depensed and logged by boat. The rules should be the same for everyone. And Chain of Command, Milia had no rights to go through anyone’s processions. That’s the Captain’s job. Sandy would have loved more Airtime.

  40. I wish Malia would leave the show .
    She probably had to report the Valium and pen but she’s so egotistical and thinks she’s perfect
    Let’s not forget her last season on this show. She played both of those men do she could be fought over. I cannot handle watching her on this show !!!!!!!!

  41. Susan, excellent info. I can’t believe how shallow people can be stating things before they research it. Malia is a snake and I hope Tom discovers it before its too late. Sandy, I will not give her another title as she does not deserve it. Following her out if boat and harping on her still. Very unprofessional then wanting ti send her a baby present. Give it a rest. They all should lose their jobs. Also, Bugs was involved she was whispering to the snake before

  42. I totally agree with Susan London!! I have mental illness and I take Klonopin and an antidepressant. Mental illness is no joke!! If it were me and Malia went through my stuff I would have beat her ass period then I would have quit. Screw Sandy for doing that to Hannah. And Malia White snitches get stitches!

  43. There certainly mistakes made on both sides. Less than a hour earlier the Captain had said she would do anything to help Hannah out. Boy, what a way to help someone. She herself admitted she did not let Hannah go because of the “drugs”. And on what planet is CBD considered a drug? Sandy and Malia deserve each other. They are both self righteous to a fault. I have been a fan of the Below Decks since day one. Good luck with the ratings. I may also add seeing Sandy Yawn on other Bravo shows makes me nauseous. And for the little Minny Me Malia; you are such a little preacher.
    No Hannah and no Kate no need to watch. Good bye Bravo, it’s been fun. P.S.
    To Sandy: you may get a real touch of reality when you open your Jacksonville

  44. I don’t think many of the people in this comments section realize just how atrocious the things Hannah did really were. Like Captain Sandy said many times every single person on the boat could have been arrested, they all certainly would have lost their jobs, and the boat surly would have been taken. Valium and weed are two drugs that are not allowed on boats ever… prescription or not it is VERY illegal. The boating world does not mess around with stuff like this. It is very different from just about every other career. There are no slaps on the wrist, there is life and death. I think Captain Sandy handled everything just as she should have, especially knowing that everything on that boat is recorded and would have come out eventually. She had to do things by the book and she very much did. If you had gotten fired from an office job I’m sure you would have been accompanied out of the building. So why is it any different on a yacht? Hannah also tried denying things previous to her going back to her cabin to get the drugs so I’m not shocked Sandy felt weird about letting her get them alone. I see nothing wrong with this situation and this article is very much an emotional one… not good news reporting.

  45. Why did Malia White wait so long to report it? Because it was used as a petty revenge thing because Hannah did not want to swap places with Buggs I think it was planned between her and Buggs.

  46. Since season one Hannah has been divisive and seemed like she picked one other stew to like and bullied the other. She was never accountable for her actions and condescended to everyone. And she probably wasn’t having a panic attack- more like withdrawal and that’s why she needed the Valium. Good riddance!

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