Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Spills Why She Was Against Rooming With Bugsy Drake

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Spills Why She Was Against Rooming With Bugsy Drake

Hannah Ferrier is defending Bugsy Drake from fan hatred for the valium photo taken by Malia White and sent to Captain Sandy Yawn on the Below Deck Mediterranean.

The Bravo show has caused quite a stir the last two weeks. It was hard for viewers to watch Chef Kiko leave after the way Captain Sandy treated him. She then immediately hired Malia White’s boyfriend, Tom Checketts, as chef. A move so calculated that viewers are banging the infamous Captain.

However, this was nothing compared to Malia taking a picture of Hannah’s valium and other personal items to send to Captain Sandy. It was a move that the stew boss and fans believe was made out of spite because of a previous fight in the cabin between Hannah Ferrier and Malia White.

Below Deck Med: Bugsy Drake Is Not To Blame

Social media is exploding with the opinions of fans lashing out at Malia and Captain Sandy as they show their support for Hannah. Somehow Bugsy got caught up in the drama, and now Hannah wants this to end.

In a tweet that surprised fans, Hannah shared that she doesn’t think Bugsy is involved in the picture or what comes next. While appreciating the love and support of the fans, Hannah is firmly convinced that Bugsy is not to blame. The last thing the fans expected was for Hannah to defend Bugsy, but it happened.

Even after Hannah talked, many were still attacking Bugsy. Several Twitter users pointed out that Bugsy was no angel, and she wasn’t on Hannah’s side this season. The second stew was and still is definitely on the side of Malia and Captain Sandy.

However, as Hannah sees it, the two things have nothing to do with each other. The stew leader simply wanted to face the hatred that poured over Bugsy for the photo. Hannah is in no way claiming that Bugsy is innocent in any other drama of the season. She knows Bugsy had her own agenda.

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Spills Why She Was Against Rooming With Bugsy Drake

The argument that fans believe prompted Malia White to spy on Hannah was the assignment of cabins.

Once she hired Tom, Malia wanted to sleep with him. To make it work, even Robert Westergaard and Jessica More would share a cabin, leaving Hannah and Bugsy as roommates. The head stew opposed the idea until Malia ran to Captain Sandy and worked her way up. Hannah opened up during an Instagram Live to share why she didn’t want to share a cabin with Bugsy.

It’s so uncomfortable if you don’t get along with someone and work with them and share a cabin with them, it’s so, so embarrassing. So I didn’t want to put us in that position,” she explained.

The stew boss really thought it would be better for the boat if Hannah and Bugsy weren’t in the room together. Fans are attacking Christine Bugsy Drake for something Hannah doesn’t believe the second stew did. Hannah asked her fans to stop dragging Bugsy into the Below Deck Med photogate drama.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I live the show but cannot believe the behaviour of many if the crew. It is a unique work environment in that they live on ship and in close quarters. Yet the behaviour is juvenile and devusuve. God people, grow up. There are so many who would love to have these jobs. Just do the work and accept the generous pay and amazing tips.

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