Below Deck Med: Ciara And Paget Worked Together And Didn’t Share A Cabin

Below Deck Med: Ciara And Paget Worked Together And Didn’t Share A Cabin

Ciara Duggan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht admits that she is surprised that boatswain Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean rang to sleep with boyfriend and new chef Tom Checketts.

MaliaWhite essentially demanded that chief stew Hannah Ferrier move cabins to accommodate the couple. “We were like, “Oh my God this is why boats don’t hire couples,” Ciara told the team of Bravo Confessionals.

Fiancé Paget Berry agreed. “It can’t happen,” he said. “Television or not, you have to maintain some kind of good image for the other thousands of couples who work in the yacht.”

“It makes us all look like, ‘Ah we’re a couple we’ll get the bloody master suite. It doesn’t look good,” added Paget Berry.

Below Deck Med: Ciara And Paget Worked Together And Didn’t Share A Cabin

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Ciara sparked a conversation about room assignments when she tweeted that she and Berry hadn’t shared a cabin for six months and didn’t have a breakdown. “Curiosity: Paget and I just spent the last 6 months working on a yacht we couldn’t share a cabin on,” she tweeted, “As First Officer and Chief Stew and we survived.

Jenna MacGillivray, who was the chief stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, agreed that the reassignment of rooms seemed bizarre. “In my 8 years at sea, usually no one makes requests for cabin accommodation, you have to take it slow, but even couples don’t get first dibs if it means making others uncomfortable,” she commented on the thread.

“Omg couldn’t imagine moving everyone around so that @BerryPaget and I could share a cabin just because we are a couple,” Ciara agreed. “Especially if we didn’t join the boat! We made a lot of attempts not to share a cabin even on Parsifal. It is not a big problem.

MacGillivray shared her experience when she worked on a yacht with a boyfriend for three years. She never expected to share a cabin with her boyfriend and the crew should be in full agreement on the accommodation situation.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Malia simply wanted to sleep with her boyfriend and after Hannah refused to accommodate her, she tattled to her bff on board ( Sandy) and got her way, then to top it off, she arranged Hannah’s private belongings in the bathroom, took a picture, then sent it to Sandy and then Hannah got fired, and Malia is pretending to act innocent , she’s a 🐍🐍

  2. Malia is a snake everything seems like a plan Sanmalbugs indeed a team i dont like seeing the show anymore. I use to love it

  3. Who cares if Hannah got the boot. She is one of the most obnoxious people ever. She’s lazy, bossy, an did everyone forget she hooked up with a guest a few seasons ago. The only crew that likes her are the ones as worthless as she, look at the 3rd stu this season. That finger of hers should be more than healed by now, got my hand caught in the sliding door of a van an it was badly bruised but was able to use in less than a week.

  4. Malia is a backstabbing!! Inconsiderate and shady. Sandy is the worst captain ever, she lost my respect. I hope Hannah have a good lawyer, cuz she can win over this injustice.

  5. Malia is too full of herself. Her position has gone to her head and she runs to Sandy with everything, as if Sandy’s her mother. She wanted to get rid of Hannah so that her BFF Bugsy (tablescape designer extraordinaire) could get the role of chief stew. So she invaded Hannah’s privacy and ratted her out to Sandy. Malia will find out that what goes around comes around. Hope she and Tom make it because she’s not a nice person; neither is Sandy, even though she pretends to be.

  6. Hanna needed to go.Bugsie ran circles around her.Talk. about snake Hanna made a bad work environment.making other crew members side with her to pick on the new girl. Best show was that girl who wouldn’t take Hannas shit SHE really had Hanna all confused bet she needed her valium bad that season..GLAD HANNAS GONE###

  7. I agree! Malia is a RAT!!!!! She didn’t get her way, ran to Sandy, then sent those pictures to Captain Sandy!!!!! RAT!!!! She should be more concerned about her boyfriend, and his break downs!!!!

  8. Can’t stand Sandy, she should get a job as a food sniffer or maitre’d. And Malia has once again proven herself a two timing snake in the grass.

  9. The handling of both situations was extremely unprofessional and broke HIPPA laws. You may be at sea but your home base is Florida. Buck up, Bravo and Wellington. Both Sandy and Malia should be fired.

  10. Malia I hope you feel a little bad for being so full of yourself as to demand then backstab, rummage in someone else’s baggage, then just attack & act like you know everything because Sandy likes you more than anyone seems to me.

  11. I will not be watching the show anymore. Anyone suffering from anxiety knows the last thing you do is belittle and bully. I think Captain Sandy got her way. So sad.

  12. Malia see Hannah up when she didn’t get her way.

    Captain Sandy is too much of a micro manager when it comes to the chef. She kept asking the guests leading questions about the food. And these guests have been horrible with their spur of the moment cakes and stuff.

  13. Malia is truly the snake. She is a worthless boson. She runs to Sandy everytime she doesn’t get her way. How about the time she ran to Sandy what her team was calling her sweetie? What did Sandy do?she admonished the boys as Malia called them and told them if they didn’t change she used your major tagline somebody’s going to get fired.Sandy does that all the time. When she’s talking one-on-one or to a group she ends with somebody’s going to get fired or words to that effect. Malia is vindictive and a backbiter. She accused Pete of being disrespectful on a radio conversation and Pete was not. She caused Hannah to be fired on purpose and for vengeful reasons

  14. Captain Sandy acted like Malia was perfect all he time. Malia was really off base making demands to sleep with her apparently unstable boyfriend.

  15. Mila should have gave her the opportunity to go to the captain herself mila straight up was a rat she was looking to get her boyfriend in her cabin I don’t think bugs had any clue but who knows

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