Below Deck Med: A Different Place And Mindset

Below Deck Med: A Different Place And Mindset

Hannah Ferrier is thinking about her last season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Now that Hannah’s last episode has been aired and the drama is on screen, she opens up about the life-changing season.

The former main stew announced for the premiere of Season 5 that the current season would be the last. Reports began to pop up after Hannah’s announcement that she was fired. It turns out that she was fired, but that she also finished reality TV.

Life for Hannah Ferrier has changed dramatically since the end of filming last fall. However, what the fans didn’t know was that Hannah Ferrier was ready for a new chapter in her life, even before she signed up for Below Deck Med Season 5.

Below Deck Med: A Different Place And Mindset

Hannah Ferrier admitted to Decider that she was in a different place this season. She had a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Josh, and they were planning a future together.

“For me, this season, I was very different from the seasons before,” she said. “My life is very different now. I think I’m very different when I’m single, and when I’m in a relationship. I wasn’t going to drink much. You see the whole season. There isn’t a single scene where I got drunk because I didn’t get drunk! And it’s not because of anything Josh says. It’s just for me.

When she came into season 5, Hannah Ferrier knew she was done sailing, but didn’t know what was next. The indecisiveness is one of the reasons why she signed up for another season. She had hoped to just do her job, make some good money, and go back home.

Hannah’s new mentality is another reason she came so close to chief Kiko. When he was fired, it had a big influence on Hannah Ferrier. He was the only one who kept her healthy. She reveals that it was devastating to see what happened to Kiko when he went down and played on the screen.

The soon to be mom admits that there was too much drama on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Along with the resignation of Kiko there was the whole Lara Flumiani debacle and trauma. Plus, Captain Sandy Yawn who constantly harps on Hannah Ferrier over her head that is not in the game.

Looking back on the season, Hannah Ferrier admits that there are things she would have done differently. One of them is, of course, explaining the drugs. Two may not be doing the season at all.

“If I knew it would end like this, I probably wouldn’t have done the season.” Hannah said.

As her resignation finally appeared on the screen, Hannah Ferrier thinks back to her last season. But what she’s really looking forward to is her future.

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