Counting On: Has Jana Upgraded Her Wardrobe Too?

Counting On: Has Jana Upgraded Her Wardrobe Too?

Jana Duggar made the fans talk after a new photo of her and her brother Jedidiah Duggar on social media.

While riding a bike with her little brother, it looks like Jana’s wearing pants. The photo is not full-length, but it looks like she’s wearing athletic pants.

Counting On: Has Jana Upgraded Her Wardrobe Too?

Would all of Duggar’s adult daughters be interested in wearing pants? Jana Duggar seemed to jump on board with her own pair of black pants.

Jinger Duggar was the first to expand her horizons when it comes to wardrobe. She wore pants and shorts well before her sisters. Recently, Counting On fans have seen Jana hang out with Jinger in Beverly Hills and try on new clothing options. Did their little adventure encourage Duggar’s eldest daughter to expand?

Not only is it likely that Jana Duggar is wearing pants, but she also showed off her fancy glasses. Her style game was definitely a work in progress. She has changed a lot since previous seasons, and after spending time with Jinger Duggar last summer, Jana is finding herself.

In this season’s Counting On, Jana Duggar will talk to a hairdresser about having a boyfriend and what she wants. In the clip that was part of the trailer, she is asked if she has someone while sitting with Abbie Grace Burnett and Grace Duggar.

However, there were several rumors about Jana Duggar’s courtship. She’s been linked to Lawson Bates more than once. They weren’t romantically involved in public, but they’ve spent a lot of time together over the years.

She talked about wanting someone to spend her life with, but revealed that she was waiting for God’s perfect moment. There has been talk about Jana over the years, with some critics calling her “Cinderella”. It is believed that she stayed home to help Michelle raise the youngest group of Duggar’s children.

With an improvement in style and more out of the house, Jana Duggar may be on the right track to find someone worthwhile. If she starts wearing pants like it’s a normal thing, it’ll be shocking. Black pants for the bike ride make sense, especially if she was on a long trip or on the cold side.

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