Counting On: Jana Duggar Has Paved Her Own Path Among Duggar Family Tradition.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Has Paved Her Own Path Among Duggar Family Tradition.

Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is forging her own path in the Duggar family tradition. While Duggar boys are taught and encouraged to start their own businesses during their teenage years, Duggar daughters generally follow a path to marriage and motherhood at a young age. At 31, Jana has yet to follow the traditional path of a Duggar daughter.

Before the cancellation of the family’s reality show, Counting On, Jana Duggar announced that she planned to start her own business called Arbor Acres. Read on to learn more about how the eldest Duggar daughter is forging her own path and when she plans to launch her new business.

In addition to helping raise her younger siblings, Jana keeps busy with a variety of interests and hobbies. During her days on Counting On, Duggar has been shown to have a love for all things involving gardening and interior design. In addition to maintaining a large garden at Duggar’s family home, he has also taken on many home decorating and remodeling projects over the years.

Duggar shows a real talent for these types of projects. Counting On fans have said for years that Duggar’s oldest daughter should find a way to monetize her talents. After years of perfecting her craft, it looks like Duggar may be ready to take the advice of Counting On fans and turn her hobbies into a real business.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Has Paved Her Own Path Among Duggar Family Tradition.

As it looks like the official launch of Arbor Acres is getting closer, some Counting On fans are concerned that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s conservative values will always get in the way of their oldest daughter’s passions.

While Jana’s business has been slow to take off, hopefully in the coming months she will be able to see all of her plans come to fruition and receive full support from her parents and the Duggar family.

Duggar has certainly forged her own path over the past decade. Although her younger sisters all married and had children by the age of 20, Jana Duggar has been busy perfecting her green thumb and her craft as an interior designer. Only time will tell how far she will venture from her conservative Christian fundamentalist upbringing.

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