Counting On: Jana Duggar Launches Her New Business

Counting On: Jana Duggar Launches Her New Business

Counting On’s Jana Duggar does something no other Duggar daughter has done. Jana shocked the fans with her latest news. And even her parents confirmed that it’s not normal for their family.

Unlike most Counting On Duggar children, Jana is still not married, even though she is thirty years old. Her parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, usually adapt their children to other fundamentalist families. But Jana is not ready to settle for the “first man to come along. Jana said she won’t settle for anyone and she has had a long list of demands for some time now.

Recently, Jana shared her strict rules, which are now perhaps a little more relaxed. She has learned that she likes to travel and that her new husband doesn’t have to live in Arkansas. Fans of Counting On wonder if Jana is suggesting that she might want to find a husband away from home.

In one of the last episodes of the hit TLC show Counting On, Jana answered questions about her love life. She said she was ready to get married, and it was a little depressing. But she is happy that things are happening the way they are. And she’s actually doing some pretty exciting new things right now.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Launches Her New Business

The thought of a daughter starting her own business is a bit strange for the Duggars. But it seems her Counting On parents support her. In fact, when Jana Duggar and her twins John David and his wife Abbie Duggar were traveling, she shared a little more about it.

Counting On viewers have watched Jana decorate and design for years. And it looks like she’s putting together a product line. She said she now plans to do it all online. But in the future, she might decide to have a brick and mortar store.

Her brother, John David, said she has a lot of talent. In fact, he said he’s sure she’ll do well. He even helped her design a cool sign that Arkansas said on their trip to Knoxville, TN.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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