Counting On: Why Are Fans Asking Jeremy About This?

Counting On: Why Are Fans Asking Jeremy About This?

In a new Instagram post Jeremy Vuolo shares a photo of himself and his wife, Jinger Duggar. The Counting On stars often share photos of each other and also share sweet messages. This time Jeremy Vuolo wrote, “You’re my number one with the lemonade! 😏”. In the caption, he refers to a Chick-Fil-A menu item. From what it sounds like, it could be his favorite. While Duggar fans gushed over the sweet couple and the funny caption, someone took the opportunity to ask Jeremy Vuolo an interesting question.

The comment is no longer visible on Jeremy’s page. But the fan asks, “Did you want Jinger Duggar’s hair to die?” Jeremy Vuolo answers: “I don’t remember whose idea it was, but I like brown or blond or black or any color she wants!!!”

So, it sounds like Jeremy’s on board with every hair color that Jinger Duggar decides to try. Because right now, the Duggar-daughter blonde is rocking locks. She’s got dark hair, of course. Who knows what color she’s gonna try now?

Counting On: Why Are Fans Asking Jeremy About This?

Some Duggar fans believe that Jeremy Vuolo controls Jinger and influences many of her decisions. When Jinger Duggar dyed her hair, some fans wondered whether or not it was her idea. This goes back to the possibility that Jeremy is in control. So at least one fan took the opportunity to ask about Jinger’s hair.

In a “Would You Rather?” Instagram session, Jeremy was called in for control of Jinger Duggar. Viewers felt he was talking above her and made her feel like she had to justify every response. Some of the couple’s followers were pretty angry with Jeremy about it. And, the couple also delayed the release of the second half…

Duggar fans also think that Jeremy Vuolo could control Jinger Duggar because she’s moving away from how she was raised. While she and Jeremy are still religious and seem to hold many of the same beliefs that Jinger had growing up, she has changed since she married Jeremy. Now, Jinger wears shorts and pants instead of dresses or skirts.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I can believe there are people out there so wrapped up in this family that they really care about on of the daughter’s hair color. Sure, it’s an oddity to have 19 children in one family, but, please, is there no end to the ridiculous mundane details they need to share?

  2. First complaint, why are the Dugger parents on more and more. Thought Counting On was not going to have them. The father is self serving and a controller, he thinks he is God’s gift to mankind. Second complaint by have Jill and her husband been removed from show and Jeremy shoe land lasted the Catholics and there religious believes. HE IS NO Christian preaching against my religion. He is not fit to preach to anyone.

  3. Wow!!! I love the show went my kids was home but this news crap got Old. Parent should raise thier kids to follow God but believe me it wasn’t their first kiss and hugging probably even ing having sex that is the reason they get married quickly Please leave Jane out everybody business if she even wait until she 70 ,it her desicon.. if the tabloid keep this Chit going they are ruining family away Jill got her a good one. not even Hippie tattoos piecing sueing trouble maker controling. Jinger was just in a hurry or Something. Jessa and Ben are my Favorite down to earth couple .I dont see Joy much. Mom and Dad loosen the rope if you don’t give the privilege while thier Home believe me the will try anything So don’t suprise in thing they will try!!!

  4. They are the best out of them all and the most real I love her hair ! And love that she is wearing pants shorts the others whith there big smile and everything is so nice it is so sickly !! And the parents don’t won’t two go there two shows counting one and sister wives are the most pathetic shows on tv him of sister wives makes my skin crawl !! Sleaze

  5. I agree with your point about Jim Bob and Michelle. Counting on was supposed to be about the next generation. I have quit watching thus season. I am tired of Mr. and Mrs. Controllers being in charge.
    These you g people are married. They gave families. It is time to cut the apron strings.
    Genesis 2:24 For this cause a man shall LEAVE his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife.
    They were homeschooled and brainwashed that parents were to always be in charge. This is NOT Biblical.
    When Jim Bob and Michelle are shown on the show at anytime, they get paid. His boys only gave jobs that he somehow arranges. The girls are not allowed to be independent.
    They have and are continuing to ruin the lives of the children. I am glad to see some of the girls have moved on to new lives with their husbands. They and their children will have healthier lives because if it.

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