Counting On: Jana Just Showed Her Knees

Counting On: Jana Just Showed Her Knees

The Duggar family has a lot of strict rules, and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have implemented rules on how their daughters can dress. The children must follow these rules until marriage, where the role of head of the family passes from father to husband.

These days, some of the married Duggar daughters have branched out with their clothes. But Jana Duggar, who is not yet married, still follows her parents’ dress code. And critics of the show have recently mocked her for showing her knees in a photo.

Counting On: Jana Just Showed Her Knees

Jana Duggar is 30 years old and still lives at home, which is normal for today’s social standards, but very rare for the Duggar family. But Jana doesn’t seem to care about her lifestyle, although fans have noticed that she still has to obey all her parents’ rules.

Jana Duggar has just posted a photo of her crouching near her garden, and critics have had a field day on Reddit with how many of her knees were showing.

“I see knees! I’m VERY defrauded,” one user wrote. “I saw it and I heard a loud rale,” someone else said. “Have you ever worn a skirt or a dress without trousers? This is shocking,” said another person. (It should be noted that, in the warmer months, Jana Duggar wears dresses without pants underneath). “This from the girl who photographs the longest skirts on the others,” someone added, referring to Jana’s Photoshop incident some time ago.

Counting On: Their Daughters Are Only Allowed To Wear Specific Clothing

Michelle and Jim Bob only let kids wear very specific clothes. While sons were more free to dress themselves, daughters were not allowed to show anything that could be “dishonest” to men. That is, tight trousers or exposed body parts (such as low-cut shirts or tank tops) were forbidden.

Duggar daughters were only allowed to wear long skirts or long dresses; sunglasses were not allowed, and only sleeved tops could be worn. If the dress was considered too short, girls were allowed to wear trousers under it.

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  1. I did not see her knees in the photo.Yes,it might be considered a threat to most people.But come on people.KNEES?God don’t care if she or anyone else shows her knees.Its just plain Stupid to think that it would be Inconsiderate or Indecent to show off something on your body.Men don’t go around saying “Oh my god” that girl is showing off sone thing that I do not want to see”…I am going to Condem her to Hell.That’s right I said it….Hell. Anyways let her be the one to make her own mistakes and never Judge anyone just because you don’t think its right.Stay Out Of Other Peoples Lives and Go Be In Your Own Lives….Cause there will be a day,when you will have to talk to GOD for all your wrong doings…

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