Counting On: Josiah Duggar And Lauren Duggar’s Relationship And Marriage

Counting On: Josiah Duggar And Lauren Duggar’s Relationship And Marriage

Duggar fans know that the family adheres to strict Christian values. So, “worldly” behavior is a huge problem. The family doesn’t like “worldly” things and expects their children to avoid this kind of thing too. Children follow a specific set of rules. But, over the years, many of the children have become known as family rebels.

For example, Jinger Vuolo moved to Los Angeles, California, with her husband. Now she wears pants, sleeveless shirts and dyes her hair. These things aren’t rebels by most standards, but they are a big problem for this family.

Now, a source talks to The Hollywood Gossip and reveals that Jinger is not the only rebel in the family. Josiah Duggar has some “rebellious” tendencies, too. The source for THG is a former employee and close friend of the family. The source claims that Josiah was a rebel during his growth.

It was difficult for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, so Jim Bob was in a hurry to find a spouse for Josiah. He wanted Josiah Duggar to get married and calm down. The insider says, “Josiah Duggar never followed the rules.” Then, the source adds, “He was already beginning to appreciate the outside world when he was still a teenager.

Counting On: Josiah Duggar And Lauren Duggar’s Relationship And Marriage

Jim Bob was quick to find another potential wife for Josiah. He chatted up Lauren’s father Dwain Swanson to come up with a plan. According to the source, Lauren Duggar had a say in the affair, but Josiah Duggar had no choice. The source says the marriage happened when Dwain and Jim Bob talked. Apparently, Jim Bob told Dwain, “We have to do something about Josiah.”

The source talks about Josiah and Jim Bob, saying, “You’ll notice that [Josiah and Jim Bob] are going to walk away. Josiah Duggar stayed with his father just for the money. It’s all about the money for Josiah. He’s crazy as a stray dog.”

Josiah Duggar And Lauren Duggar got married in 2018. Since then, they’ve taken a little girl into their family. From what fans can see on social media, the two seem happy together.

But, the source says things are not as good as they seem. The source says, “To be honest, I’m not trying to make that marriage last with you.” The Duggar family doesn’t necessarily believe in divorce because of their religion. So, it’s not clear what exactly the source predicts will happen.

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  1. They don’t believe in divorce but the minute he puts his hand son her or cheats on her than she’s need to leave him. Also why the father’s pushed him to get married just cuz he was on his rebellious teenager stage? Many have that stage in life…he’s just in it for the money.

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