Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves And Chris Graham On Love After Lockup Are Going Through A Rough Patch.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves And Chris Graham On Love After Lockup Are Going Through A Rough Patch.

Now in season 5 of Love After Lockup, Gabrielle Nieves and her new husband are having a tough time. They got married shortly after her release from prison. But things aren’t going as smoothly as Gabrielle Nieves had hoped. After her latest intimate cosmetic procedure, the ex-con is questioning his new wife’s loyalty. Besides, Gabby’s mother Sharon is upset that her daughter married a convict. The mother and daughter duo have barely spoken to each other on Love After Lockup.

Gabrielle also doesn’t like her new mother-in-law Felicia and her sister Essence. And they are unhappy in their marriage. So all the family stress builds up. And soon Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves catches her husband in a lie that pushes her over the edge.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves And Chris Graham On Love After Lockup Are Going Through A Rough Patch.

This week on Love After Lockup, Gabrielle Nieves learns that her husband is still having affairs with other women. He’s still halfway house in New York while she’s at home in New Jersey. So it’s easy for him to hide what he’s doing because they’re not living together yet. For now, he is on thin ice with his wife.

She caught her in jail talking to other women. Indeed, this is a big reason why Sharon thinks Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves shouldn’t be with him. But she decides to forgive him because it wasn’t physical.

Her mother warned him. And soon Gabrielle may wish she had listened to her. In the next episode, “Love After Lockup”, she discovers he’s been lying to her. Then she finds out that he’s still in touch with other girls. And now it’s even worse, because the man is out and gets to physically cheat on her. Of course, this is her biggest fear. So this week she turns on her lying husband. But the reality star is keeping her secrets…

Although Chris is doing dodgy things behind Gabrielle’s back, there’s a lot he’s not telling her. The new bride admits she has secrets. And she’s afraid he’ll discover those secrets when she lives with him. At the same time, she says she’s not hiding anything from him. In the end, she tells him the truth. Gabrielle also recently brought her mother some documents. And Sharon thinks her daughter should get a lawyer.

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