Sister Wives Fans Are Livid With Kody Brown

Sister Wives Fans Are Livid With Kody Brown

Several of Kody Brown’s adult children have chosen to avoid contact with him. After years of favoritism and little effort on Kody’s part, several of Brown’s children have decided that they are no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with Kody. That decision may have been a good one, Sister Wives fans say.

Problems between Kody Brown and his adult children may have been brewing for some time, but tensions reached a chemical peak during the coronavirus (COVID-19). Gabriel and Garrison Brown both refused to follow Kody’s excessive coronavirus precautions.

Both boys decided to continue going to work and meeting their romantic partners during the peak of the virus. Kody Brown insisted that this would make it impossible for him to visit his children and their mothers.

While most of the Brown family argued that Kody Brown’s rules and protocols were excessive and far from what the CDC recommended at the time, he has even now doubled down. In the 17th episode of the season, he again insisted that his protocols were appropriate. She went on to say that she couldn’t risk the health of her younger children because her older boys wanted to “get their pencils wet”. The statement suggested that Kody’s sons were more concerned about sex than family health. Sister Wives fans were horrified.

Sister Wives Fans Are Livid With Kody Brown

Kody Brown hasn’t garnered a lot of fans after his behaviour in season 17, but fans of the series are now seriously upset. Kody’s comments about Gabriel and Garrison’s wishes to see their girlfriends at the height of the pandemic hit a nerve with viewers.

Fans of the series took to Twitter and Reddit to speak out about Kody’s statement, with several noting how disrespectful his words were. Several fans pointed out that the crude wording was embarrassing for Garrison, Gabriel and their partners. Gabriel has chosen to remain silent on social media in recent months. Garrison Brown has not commented on Kody’s statement. The status of their relationship is unknown.

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