Will There Be Another Sister Wives In 2023?

Will There Be Another Sister Wives In 2023?

TLC’s popular show “Sister Wives” has taken some bizarre turns over the past two years. The polygamous family the audience knew no longer exists. Fans know that patriarch Kody Brown is facing three divorces lately.

This leaves him with only a fourth wife, Robyn Brown, who is no longer polygamous. Obviously, viewers are now wondering whether the show, which was known for its pluralistic marriage lifestyle, could survive without this core concept. Is Sister Wives coming to an end?

Will There Be Another Sister Wives In 2023?

The Sister Wives divorce trend was launched in 2021 by Christine Brown. Apparently, the celebrity announced her decision to break up with Kody and blamed Robyn as the main reason. Fans know that he has often been called out by husbands for having a favorite wife.

Obviously, he has never accepted it, but ordinary viewers know the truth. Clearly, this favouritism towards one and disdain for the other became the main reason why Janelle and Meri Brown also followed Christine. However, according to a recent scenario, no official statement has been made by the network as to whether the show will continue or not.

Recently, however, Christine revealed that she would never leave the family show, as she had promised her estranged husband and Sister Wives. Not only that, but she also admitted that she’s been filming at her new home in Utah for season 18. In addition, a source told TheSun that the actors have signed multi-year contracts. So this suggests that the series is definitely not coming to an end. But how will it go on if it doesn’t end?

Indeed, fans know that Kody never had a permanent job. Apparently, he has always served as a polygamist and promoted his theory that love should not be shared. Instead, it should be multiplied. Although he has always done the opposite, he still has an aura in the world of plural marriage.

Thus, as per the source, the celebrity is actively looking for potential candidates to join the Browns and become the new Sister Wives. So it is possible that viewers may watch Robyn become the new lone wolf of the family, while new, younger and prettier wives come along. Indeed, a new era is about to begin on the show, one that is predicted to be spicier and full of drama.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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