Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Biggest Fear Has To Do With Money

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Biggest Fear Has To Do With Money

The Sister Wives patriarchy is left with only its fourth wife, Robyn Brown, after her other three wives left her. Kody Brown’s dream of a polygamous marriage has been shattered. And all because of Kody’s dominant nature. Not only do his three wives hate him, but even his children don’t like their father’s behaviour towards them. And after three divorces, Kody says he is afraid of losing all his money. He claimed that poverty is the only thing he fears now.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Biggest Fear Has To Do With Money

Kody Brown was probably hoping for an amicable settlement when wives one, two and three dropped out, with Robyn Brown as the only remaining wife. Well, he might have hoped so, but he didn’t seem to act like it on “Sister Wives“. Usually, when someone wants to leave without resentment, you don’t throw disparaging comments at them.

But Kody Brown lashed out at a trio of women he’s been with for decades. And he did it on national television during last season’s three-part “One on One” finale.

According to a new report, Janelle, Christine and Meri have decided to get their act together. It seems they have put a lot of money into the family over the years.

But they can’t see any of it back. So the latest Sister Wives buzz suggests that the ladies, none of whom were legally married to Kody Brown at the time of the break-up, are now seeking legal advice.

Kody Brown and his fourth wife live in a luxury home. But they bought the house with money from the family’s pooled income. Janelle mentioned something about her money going to Robyn Brown’s home purchase during the Sister Wives one-on-one segment. Now Kody and Robyn are sitting on the Coyote Pass land. It’s hard to imagine Janelle or Meri wanting to build there yet. Christine already made her move to Utah, where she plans to stay.

So she’s not building there. The ex-wives said nothing about how their finances look today. But it’s unlikely that Kody is still holding all their purse strings.

It would make sense that the three original Sister Wives brides would keep their paychecks from the TLC show. If this is the case, it would represent a significant cut to Kody’s wallet.

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