Kim Kardashian Reveals Inner Struggles and Life Before Fame in The Kardashians’ Latest Episode

Kim Kardashian Reveals Inner Struggles and Life Before Fame in The Kardashians' Latest Episode

In the recent heart-to-heart on The Kardashians, 42-year-old Kim Kardashian gets candid about her journey to stardom, its effects, and her ability to cope with the challenging aspects of fame. The conversation with Scott Disick unfolds as her daughter, North, a budding 10-year-old prosthetic makeup artist, works her magic.

Contemplating her past, Kim Kardashian wonders what life would be like had she not embarked on the path to fame. She admits to Scott Disick, “I wonder what life would be like now if we didn’t take that road or take that journey.” Scott, acknowledging Kim’s hard-working nature, suggests that she would have always been an entrepreneur regardless of the fame.

The Kardashians: Kris Jenner’s Fears about Fame’s Impact

The SKIMS founder goes on to share the concerns of her mother, Kris Jenner, about the effects of their celebrity status. “I know something that is hard for my mom, she’s been really sad, like, ‘What did I do?’ Did I create them to get to this level…?” Kim relates. The matriarch apparently wonders if their fame has done more harm than good, a thought that resonates with Kim, who admits her mother thinks it’s all interconnected.

Scott offers a supportive perspective, saying that “no one’s easily happy,” and acknowledging that everyone experiences both good and bad sides of life. Kim, in her classic resilient spirit, insists that she can handle it all, including the “bad stuff.”

When asked by Scott if she’s ever been depressed, Kim Kardashian opens up about the difficult period following the death of her father. She recalls, “What’s so crazy is when my dad died, I remember automatically being like, ‘Okay I’m going to speak at the funeral. This is happening. My dad left us and now we finally have to grow up, we have to figure it out.'”

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