The Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Takes a Jab at Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choices

The Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Takes a Jab at Kim Kardashian's Fashion Choices

The Kardashian family is no stranger to drama, and this time it’s Khloe who’s stirring the pot. The 39-year-old entrepreneur and social media influencer took to Instagram recently to promote her latest Fabletics line, but it wasn’t your ordinary product plug. The Good American founder used the opportunity to throw a playful dig at her older sister, Kim Kardashian West.

Khloe showcased nine selected items from her new Fabletics line, primarily in black and blue shades. She captioned the Instagram Story with, “I made sure to send Kim mainly black options from my Fabletics collection lol I know what you like babe.” For those uninitiated, Kim Kardashian is often spotted in monochromatic outfits, specifically favoring blacks and nudes. By limiting her color palette in the promotional post, Khloe cheekily poked fun at Kim’s well-known fashion preferences. She wrapped up the Instagram story with a lighthearted message, saying, “Happy workout, Keeks!”

A History of Sisterly Banter on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

But let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices have been the topic of familial jesting. The eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, had her own moment impersonating Kim during the season 17 finale of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Kourtney sported a sleek black bodysuit paired with matching leggings, all while donning a long black wig and oversized reflective glasses. The parody didn’t stop at the outfit. Kourtney, 44, quipped, “My pants are Yeezy, my shoes are Yeezy, I have seven stylists to put me in sweats and leggings.”

This playful teasing comes amid a backdrop of escalating tension between the older Kardashian sisters, notably featured in the latest season of their Hulu show, “The Kardashians.” There, Kim and Kourtney were involved in heated arguments, covering everything from business ventures to family responsibilities. Khloe, not one to be left out of the limelight, also took a subtle jab at Kourtney in one of the episodes over a Halloween gingerbread house, stating, “I’m not a Halloween girl, but if it looks as good as this I may become a fan.”

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