’The Kardashians’: Kim Kardashian Addressed The Criticism

’The Kardashians’: Kim Kardashian Addressed The Criticism

TV personality Kim Kardashian recently made headlines when she wore Marilyn Monroe’s famous beaded gown for the 2022 Met Gala. Kardashian had to radically change her diet to slim down enough to fit into the famous vintage gown. During a recent interview with Allure, the famous reality star talked about the experience. She revealed that the drastic diet change triggered a flare-up of her psoriasis and said, “I couldn’t move my hands.”

Despite her attempts, Kardashian’s dress was tight on her, which caused some damage to the delicate fabric. The resulting damage led to criticism of the reality star and her team.

For many years, Kardashian followed a plant-based diet, but she switched to a meat diet in order to lose 16 pounds and fit into Marilyn Monroe’s vintage dress. She had only three weeks to lose weight, and the drastic diet change negatively affected her body, triggering an outbreak of psoriasis.

The famous dress was first worn by Marilyn Monroe at a fundraiser for President John F. Kennedy’s birthday in 1962. It became famous because she wore it while performing the seductive song “Happy Birthday” for the president, sparking rumors of their affair. The dress is now owned by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum.

’The Kardashians’: Kim Kardashian Addressed The Criticism

Kim Kardashian faced much criticism after being seen at the Met Gala in the dress. The criticism intensified when she revealed the three-week diet she followed to lose weight and fit into the gown. Fans and celebrities called the diet very dangerous and criticized the reality star for the “regressive messaging.”

Not long after the gala, several photos of the dress surfaced online, showing that the SKIMS founder had allegedly stretched the fabric, causing rips and the loss of several rhinestone beads. Ripley’s denied the allegation, saying that the tears were present before Kardashian wore it and that she returned it in pristine condition, exactly as it was when it was delivered.

During the interview with Allure, Kim Kardashian addressed diet criticism and hateful comments. She said, “If I was starving and doing it really unhealthy, I would say that, of course, that’s not a good message.” “But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer,” she continued, “I have never drunk more water in my life. I don’t see the criticism for other people when they lost weight for roles — they are [considered] geniuses for their craft. There are so many things out there that are so not accurate and not true. I think I’ve always just been the underdog.”

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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