What to Expect in the Last Episode of “The Kardashians” Season 3

What to Expect in the Last Episode of "The Kardashians" Season 3

The infamous family that never fails to make the headlines is back. The Kardashians, now a global sensation, continues to churn out high-stakes drama, glamour, and a touch of controversy. With Season 3 nearing its climactic finale, fans are eager to unravel the exciting, yet equally heart-wrenching, events that the last episode is set to unfurl.

The Kardashians: The Curtain Closes On Season 3

After nine tumultuous episodes brimming with everything from health scares to massive sister fights, it’s time to bid adieu to another exhilarating season. The 10th episode, the season’s finale, is slated to premiere on Hulu this coming Thursday. As fans catch their breath, the anticipation for the final episode is palpable, promising an enthralling end to the drama-soaked season.

In the upcoming season finale, the trailer paints a picture of the Kardashians celebrating Christmas before an inevitable tumultuous turn. Kris Jenner opens the trailer, indulging in her festive vision of the perfect gift for her children – a luxurious dollhouse. However, the Christmas cheer is short-lived as trouble brews in paradise.

Kourtney Kardashian grapples with the backlash of her BooHoo campaign, while Kris and Khloe navigate the difficult terrain of grief after Tristan Thompson’s mother’s unfortunate passing. It’s a hard hit, but as always, the Kardashians stand together through thick and thin, encapsulating the essence of their show – family first.

What’s Next For The Kardashians?

While fans await the gripping finale, questions about the future of the reality show also start to bubble up. Although the date for the fourth season is yet to be confirmed, the buzz in the grapevine hints at the series continuing for at least six seasons.

The Kardashians premiered its first season on April 14, 2022, followed by a second season on September 22, 2022. Fans were delighted with the bi-annual release pattern, and Season 3 followed suit in May 2023. Based on this pattern, Season 4 may be expected around October, bringing a fresh dose of Kardashian-style entertainment to screens worldwide.

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