Kris Jenner at 68: Fashion Icon or Filter Magic?

Kris Jenner at 68: Fashion Icon or Filter Magic?

Kris Jenner, at 68, continues to turn heads in Calabasas, her style and choices a constant source of fascination. This November, she sparked conversations anew, not just with her fashion sense but also with her social media presence, where she flaunted some eye-catching red earrings. Fans are divided: are these changes thanks to filters or fillers?

Kris Jenner’s Fashion Forwardness

The momager extraordinaire took to Instagram to showcase her newest obsession: a jewelry store that has become her go-to for all things glittering. Kris Jenner, the founder of Get Safely, shared a glimpse of vintage red earrings, declaring her love for the seventies style. However, it’s not just the accessories that are drawing attention. The video, seemingly filtered, has sparked a Reddit thread where fans debate whether the star of ‘The Kardashians’ has embraced cheek fillers.

Surgical Enhancements: A Glimpse into Kris’s Past

Kris Jenner’s age-defying appearance, particularly her high cheekbones, has long been a subject of speculation. Yet, it was her earlobes that caught the eye of eagle-eyed fans in her recent post. The weight of the earrings led to discussions about her past procedures, including a 2018 earlobe surgery. Kris has been open about her cosmetic enhancements, including a breast augmentation, botox, and fillers.

As Kris Jenner continues to navigate her public life, dining with celebrities and attending high-profile events, the discussion about her appearance remains a hot topic. Whether it’s her choice of jewelry or her cosmetic decisions, Kris Jenner continues to be a figure that captivates and intrigues, her every step watched by fans and critics alike.

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