’The Kardashians’: Fans Claim That Kim Kardashian Keeps Lying To Them.

’The Kardashians’: Fans Claim That Kim Kardashian Keeps Lying To Them.’The Kardashians’: Fans Claim That Kim Kardashian Keeps Lying To Them.

Khloe Kardashian has stepped up her fitness routine since Tristan Thompson’s mom’s drama in December 2021. As for Kim Kardashian, she claims to have embarked on a new restrictive diet ahead of the 2022 Met Gala. She really wanted to wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, so she managed to lose 16 pounds. Since then, she has lost more than 20 pounds because fans are concerned about her health.

’The Kardashians’: Fans Claim That Kim Kardashian Keeps Lying To Them.

Kim Kardashian revealed all the details of her weight loss in an exclusive interview with Vogue. However, fans claim she is “pretending” to love food again on Instagram. The starlet sported a bizarre look at Paris Fashion Week. After walking the Balenciaga fashion show, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alumna wore a black bob with a rhinestone leotard.

Fans could tell it was Kim Kardashian because her platinum blond hair hung past her shoulders. She shared a photo of herself on Instagram holding a fork. Fans accused her of “pretending to eat” amid concerns about weight loss. They noted that she had nothing on her fork and kept her helmet on her head. In addition, she was sitting at a table with her place card in front of her.

There was no other dish in front of her except a small plate of rolls. In recent months, the 41-year-old has made fans worry about her health. On Wednesday, July 6, the reality star posted photos of her latest look in Paris on her Instagram profile. She sported a strange outfit, while fans criticized her for the new photo.

Kim Kardashian preferred to keep her helmet on during the dinner. She probably liked the high-fashion look and the mystique it gave her. However, fans think her new look is really “creepy.” Some of them on Reddit joked that her style is straight out of American Horror Story.

This comes after Kim Kardashian’s big beak on the runway. The Skims founder walked the runway in a black silk Balenciaga gown with angular heels. Some fans mocked her for her terrible walk. One fan remarked that the mask gave him “flashbacks to that creepy af Balenciaga show.”

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