Kim Kardashian Shades Kendall Jenner’s Culinary Skills on American Horror Story

Kim Kardashian Shades Kendall Jenner's Culinary Skills on American Horror Story

It’s the sibling rivalry everyone’s talking about, and it has nothing to do with the latest fashion trends or who’s topping the Instagram follower count. Kim Kardashian, the socialite turned business mogul, has stepped into the world of acting with her latest role in the hit TV series, American Horror Story: Delicate. Fans can’t help but wonder if a particular scene in the episode aired on October 6 was a cheeky nod to Kendall Jenner’s knife skills—or lack thereof.

Kim Kardashian’s AHS Debut: More Than Meets the Eye?

Kim Kardashian is best known for her reality TV stints and social media prowess, not to mention her burgeoning beauty empire. Her acting gigs have been rare, making her American Horror Story role quite the headline grabber. In the series, she plays Siobhan, a Hollywood publicist and bestie to Anna, played by Emma Roberts.

In the October 6 episode, Siobhan, caught in the middle of a terrifying situation involving a stalker and her friend Anna’s fertility issues, decides to make a salad. Yes, a salad. But not just any salad. Fans’ eyebrows shot up when Siobhan (Kim) expertly chopped up a cucumber. The Internet went ablaze, drawing immediate parallels to Kendall’s not-so-savvy knife skills in a viral moment from May 2022. “It’s orgasmic,” said Anna after tasting the salad, to which Siobhan added, “It’s the green goddess dressing that went viral on TikTok.” A subtle dig, or a mere coincidence?

Social Media Weighs in

As expected, the Twitterverse was quick to react. One user tweeted, “LMFAO at Kim (Siobhan) chopping a cucumber in this episode, we know damn well that’s a nod to Kendall’s cucumbergate.” Yes, you read that right—’cucumbergate’ is now a term, folks. Another punny Twitter user advised everyone to “romaine calm” amidst the drama.

Over on TikTok, the moment has already been transformed into a slew of hilarious memes. “Kim K really said ‘I can do EVERYTHING better than my sisters’ with this scene,” read the caption on one such viral video. Kendall Jenner has yet to react to the alleged shade, but we’re all refreshing our feeds in anticipation.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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