Little People Big World: Matt Misunderstood Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World: Matt Misunderstood Amy Roloff

Little People Big World stars Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff do not communicate well with the situation on the farm. In fact, they had a rough conversation in the rain that ended without a solution.

Amy takes her time to get out of the farm. In the current season of Little People Big World, it has been more than five months since she moved. And Matt is not happy with the speed of things.

LPBW’s Amy got warmed up by Matt Roloff and decided she had to stand up for herself. Matt was working in the rain when Amy approached him. Apparently Matt Roloff had some contractors take pictures of the house and make an offer without informing his ex-wife.

The trip out of the farm is an emotional journey for Amy on LPBW. She has spent 30 years building things and memories in the house. But she doesn’t think anyone understands how long it takes to go through everything.

Little People, Big World: Matt Misunderstood Amy Roloff

Matt from Little People, Big World told his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, that Amy didn’t want anyone to look at the house without her knowing. But TLC viewers heard Amy say she just wanted a cup up that day. Caryn tried to calm Matt down and said that maybe he misunderstood Amy and could communicate better.

Matt said that Caryn always sided with Amy , and he’s not sure why. Little People, Big World celebrity Caryn said she always sides with the other and tries to empathize. Anyway, Matt and Amy tried to talk again and work things out.

Amy explained to Matt again that she just wanted to know if anyone would be on the farm on a certain day. He didn’t want to work on that with her and said, “I realize she’s not ready to move on yet. And it looks like Matt has put the brakes on the contractors, as can be seen in Little People, Big World.

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  1. I think that both of them needle each other instead of working things out. Amy took WAY TOO LONG to leave. Matt KNEW it would upset her to bring people out without her knowledge. I am quite sure that neither of them are capable of being mature enough to move forward without causing pain to the other.

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