Miley Cyrus’ Mom Helped Her Make The Mullet

Miley Cyrus' Mom Helped Her Make The Mullet

Can anyone keep up with the ever-changing styles of Miley Cyrus? When it comes to fashion – and music – Miley Cyrus keeps fans going. The pop star, who has spent most of her life in the limelight, struck stardom as the titular star of Disney’s Hannah Montana at the age of 11. At the time, it was all cowboy boots, blonde-haired alter egos, and sparkling, family-friendly fun, but as Miley Cyrus matured, so did her personal style. 

In 2013, she hit the MTV Video Music Awards as a debilitating ball, performing in an NSFW flesh-colored two-piece and a buzz cut-pigtail hairstyle that cemented her image as a provocative pop star. Since then, she has had her shorter haircut for many looks, including an updo with dreads at the 2015 VMAs, a more subdued country-inspired look for her 2017 single “Malibu,” and a sleek, all-black wardrobe after her 2019 EP and breakup with then-husband Liam Hemsworth.

Now the style of the star has evolved again with … a loose? According to E! News, Miley Cyrus debuted the new pixie-mullet look in May 2020 – an update to the longer mullet she unveiled in January 2020. She’s since been spotted rocking the ‘do in public next to current boyfriend Cody Simpson.

So what was the impetus for this business-in-the-front, “Party in the USA”-in-the-back look? Is Miley Cyrus teasing some kind of new release, or was the star a little too inspired by Netflix Tiger King while in quarantine?

Miley Cyrus’ Mom Helped Her Make The Mullet

Miley Cyrus actually enlisted the help of her mother, Tish Cyrus, to master the mullet. According to Vogue, the mother-daughter duo video-chatted with professional stylist Sally Hershberger to determine the cutting strategy. According to Yahoo, Herscheberger was the creative force behind actress Meg Ryan’s signature shaggy look – the “Sally Shag,” so maybe this could go down in Hollywood history as the “Miley Mullet.” 

Miley’s joke is a shorter take on a classic. The carved frames her face and features a more jagged, almost animated-looking style. “Miley wanted to be more of a punk. She wanted something bold,” Herschberger told E! News. “We went for a modern mullet that she can wear tight, but also wavy and messy.” In other words, the pixie mullet is optimized for quarantine, so much so that Cyrus doesn’t seem to want to wash it too much. 

“In the last four months I think I’ve washed my hair twice,” she told Variety in June 2020.

Many of us have hired our mothers to help us with quarantine haircuts, but few are as stylish or daring as Miley’s mane! We can’t wait to see how she continues to develop.

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