Sister Wives: Christine Got Tons of Sympathy Over Robyn

Sister Wives: Christine Got Tons of Sympathy Over Robyn

Sister Wives star Christine endured a shaky start with Robyn Brown for reasons that many people can easily understand. But before their unstable start, the adults of Sister Wives had an almost exact scenario between two women.

Sister Wives: Christine Got Tons of Sympathy Over Robyn

Christine Brown describes feeling hurt, angry, depressed and at her lowest point around Sister Wives. This was when Kody Brown got engaged and later married Robin Brown. It was mainly due to her being pregnant and then giving birth to Truly amidst the blossoming affection of her shared husband.

This became part of the first encounter with Kody and the four women in the Sister Wives series. Even today, people on the internet sympathize with Christine Brown. That’s because she was pregnant with her last child, Truely.

This gave Christine Brown a lot of sympathy for the viewers, because she was pregnant and her husband Kody Brown spent an enormous amount of time decorating Robyn. But, years before that, when Janelle was pregnant with the family’s first baby, it was Christine who courted and dated Kody Brown.

Janelle Brown was “heavily pregnant” with Logan Brown while Kody and Christine had a very short courtship and then married. This was Janelle’s first pregnancy and she was about to bring the first Sister Wives baby into the family. The birth of a first baby is usually a time when a woman needs her partner more than usual.

Unlike Christine Brown, Janelle seemed to be as “committed to the principle” as she was jealous. She accepted Sister Wives’ plural marriage as her way of life. Janelle explains this in a book written by her five spouses together.” Becoming Sister Wives”.

So, it sounds as if Kody Brown basically did the same thing he and Christine Brown did to Janelle when he courted and married Robyn. But Christine had the feeling that the world around her was coming down. Christine didn’t seem to take time in the book to think about how Janelle Brown must have felt when she and Kody fell in love while she was expecting a baby.


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