Sister Wives: Christine Claims Her Kids Feared Crossing Meri

Sister Wives: Christine Claims Her Kids Feared Crossing Meri

Sister Wives celeb Christine once accused Meri of taking her frustration out on her children and told her to stop interfering. Christine Brown also said she was taking too long. That is, until the day she blew up with her co-wife, Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Claims Her Kids Feared Crossing Meri

In the Sister Wives book, Christine Brown was too frank about her troubles with Meri Brown. She said a lot of things when the children were younger. Christine said that her children were “wary” of Meri Brown and “afraid to cross her by accident.

But that’s not the only incident from this past year concerning Meri Brown and Brown’s children. Another blowout made headlines last year. It had to do with one of Sister Wives’ adult children and Meri Brown. Maybe the children thought one of their four mothers was too strict?

It sounded like Janelle Brown’s daughter had a run-in with Meri Brown online. No names were mentioned. But the fans believed that the now grown-up brown brother and sister Meri Brown was apparently targeting social media. It was also about her treatment as a child of that same mother.

When the Sister Wives series was first rolled out, they talked about how great it is to share childcare tasks. At the time, Janelle said that she is so thankful for her fellow wives who take care of her children while she works.

But at a certain point, it sounds as if Christine Brown felt that Meri Brown was much too hard on her children, more than the other children. Instead of approaching Meri calmly when she first noticed this, Christine said she was celebrating.

After some time it came to a climax and Christine Brown yelled and shouted at the matriarch of the Sister Wives. This may also explain the coolness between Meri and Christine at the show.

Christine Brown never said exactly how Meri behaved towards her children and does not share details or examples. Still, it sounded like she thought her co-wife was too hard on them for some reason. It also sounded as if Christine felt afraid that her children would run into Meri in their childhood.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. I stopped Sisters Wives because it is a fake as it can be. He is disgusting and all 4 of them really think a lot about themselves. Not!!!!!

  2. Cody is a nut case in the first place. Mary was always having to take all the crap that the other wives dished out. Cody would never talk nice about Mary he was always making rude comments about her. Mary should have left alone time ago and I hope she comes to her senses and leaves all of them in the dust and never looks back. Mary can find happiness somewhere else for sure.

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