Sister Wives: Robyn Understood Why Co-Wives Felt Threatened

Sister Wives: Robyn Understood Why Co-Wives Felt Threatened

Sister Wives celeb Robyn has explained how she became aware of the jealousy her co-wives were harboring when she first entered the household. She admits that she knew that her fellow wives saw her as the younger woman and a threat.

Sister Wives: Robyn Understood Why Co-Wives Felt Threatened

Robyn Brown said she realized how much her wives worried that Kody Brown loved her more than they did. But Robyn Brown said that while it felt that way for the other women, it did not. But the youngest of Sister Wives’ four ladies did everything they could to relieve them of their worries.

Robyn Brown enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon with her shared husband. But she made sure he called his other wives often. It wasn’t until she came home that she learned that a few of his wives wouldn’t take those calls. They were upset during a 10-day honeymoon, something they never had..

Robyn Brown writes in Sister Wives’ book that she can “completely understand” that her fellow wives are jealous of her relationship with Kody Brown. “Our marriage is fresh and young,” she writes.

Robyn Brown also explained why she needed those 10 days alone with Kody Brown. Their courtship was pretty much just handiwork. So, as soon as this Sister Wives couple got married, the relationship became intimate.

Robyn Brown, who came out of a violent relationship with her first husband, said she needed that time to get to know Kody Brown as a husband. She also said she knew that when they got back from the honeymoon they would jump right into Sister Wives’ family life.

So, for that one-and-a-half week that formed their honeymoon, it was an opportunity to get to know each other in many ways.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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