Sister Wives: Is Kody’s Family Moving Back To Utah?

Sister Wives: Is Kody’s Family Moving Back To Utah?

Sister Wives fans have followed many of Kody Brown’s children and his four wives. Gwendlyn Brown is his daughter with Christine Brown. The fans became curious about Gwendlyn when she posted that she was in Salt Lake City. As most fans know, she now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, so why was she there?

On September 10, Gwen posted on Instagram and it was a funny video of her with her dog, Noel. The Sister Wives cast member tagged the post in Salt Lake city and wrote, “Learned a new trick with Noel. Now we’re both skater bois. Swipe to see me biffen.” Gwendlyn Brown’s fans loved the video and they quickly asked her why she was there.

If you remember correctly, not all the kids had come up with the idea of moving to Las Vegas from Utah. Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwen is one of them. Gwendlyn has been open about how depressed she was in Flagstaff, Arizona after leaving Vegas and that’s when Christine got her Noel. Gwen loves Noel so much and he really helped her out more.

Sister Wives gossip has been swirling about what’s going on because Gwen didn’t answer fans when they asked her why she was in Salt Lake City. Some fans think she’s just visiting her sister Aspin Brown. The Brown family has siblings all over the country, so the idea of visiting one of them doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Sister Wives: Is Kody’s Family Moving Back To Utah?

Another speculation is that the Browns, or some of them, are moving back to Utah. This rumor has been around for quite some time, especially after the disasters that occurred last season. Could the family split up and go their separate ways or was this just a vacation trip for Gwendlyn?

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. I hope the best for her, she is a Beautiful lady, I think she was in a very bad marriage and should never have been arrested. Her past and children are her business, maybe they are better off where they are, married life is not for everyone. It’s ok with me for her to stay in this country,

  2. Kody and his so called wives have made some terrible decisions. I cannot even imagine all the debts they have incurred. It would scare me to death. But then my husband and I have something Kody and his wives do not have….common sense. You do not buy or rent something you cannot afford. You do not have kids you cannot afford. I feel for the kids. To be uprooted constantly is tough on a kid. And it is obvious, no one in that so called family is not happy. I will never understand why they think the public finds them entertaining or even happy.

  3. They are living off the government. The wives are not legally married, just stupid. The wives are the ones working. What does Kody do?

  4. Kody Brown is a nut case…moving his family here and there…does he work or does he depend of the wives to make the living. He has got it made and having all those wives is more for him…

  5. They all should have stayed in Vegas. Their homes were right next together, Kody didnt have to drive all over town to get to another house, the kids were thriving. Kody is an ASS. He says awful things to and about Meri and any man that thinks he can get any girl to fall in love with him is an arrogant bastard. He loves flaunting the fact he has 4 wives. I think it was a mistake to first of all buy property at Coyote Pass before you are even moved. Wait to at least make sure they were even going to like Flagstaff before spending 820,000 on land that you may or may not need. Kody is a “fly by the seat of his pants guy” He’s a DICK.

  6. I can’t understand how he has 4 wives. He’s an attention seeker who lives off his wives. He has no intelligence and moves around America like a gypsy. I honestly can’t understand anyone marrying Kody Brown. He is incredibly selfish and loves only one person , HIMSELF!

  7. I like watching the show, it’s so unreal and makes me wonder if people can really be that way. I think Meri made a mistake by not leaving when they moved from Vegas. Why is she still hanging out ?
    The other wife’s are stuck with kids but I guess love make you do stupid things.
    Kody needs to be castrated before he finds another younger woman wanting attention.

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