Sister Wives: Financial Woes

Sister Wives: Financial Woes

In a recent episode of Sister Wives, the Browns appear to be preoccupied with their Coyote Pass estate. In the bonus video, however, Robyn admitted that Kody Brown is having trouble managing his family’s finances. This later left fans wondering what Kody Brown does for a living.

Until now, Kody Brown had been living in a rented apartment with two wives. Even Kody once complained about finances when the Brown family moved to a new place.

Sister Wives: Financial Woes

TLC recently released a bonus video from the 16th season of Sister Wives. Despite many families losing their jobs during the pandemic, Robyn Brown feels blessed to have Kody. She mentioned that Kody had to put his job on hold for 18 months.

However, fans don’t understand how the family manages to stay in luxurious houses during the financial crisis. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown stressed how blessed they are because they don’t live in an apartment and a small house. So God took very good care of them.

But how Kody managed to do it all is the big question. If you have no idea about Kody Brown’s working life, here it is. Kody Brown once said he worked as a salesman. In 2010, he disclosed that he used to sell online ads. He even mentioned advertising at one point and marketing at another.

So most likely Kody Brown may be involved in several MLMs. However, being a salesman who manages eighteen children and four wives does not seem possible. Even if several family members were once bankrupt.

However, according to sources, Kody Brown built the Brown family brand after this event. He bought expensive real estate over time. However, he never seemed to support his family financially.

Yet Robyn Brown claimed in the video that she thanked God for providing for them. Because no one in the Brown family went through this crazy and deadly disease. Even this further did not affect their family financially. How Kody Brown managed to cope with it all, however, is the big question here.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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