Sister Wives: Janelle Stunned By Kody’s Blow Up

Sister Wives: Janelle Stunned By Kody’s Blow Up

Sister Wives celeb Janelle stood at Coyote Pass last season and watched Kody Brown scream how Robyn Brown got “table scraps”. He blew a gasket trying to make his youngest wife understand how he sees things. He believed that Janelle Brown, Meri Brown and Christine Brown somehow got more than they did. But the fans saw something else.

Sister Wives: Janelle Stunned By Kody’s Blow Up

Janelle watched while Kody Brown did a dance on their new Flagstaff grounds. He didn’t miss a single beat. With every angry word his foot made another beat or shuffle. He did this angry dance with a very ticked look on his face.

But what was he talking about? How slight Robyn Brown was when it came to material matters. Because of the history of this family that forms the Sister Wives series, it doesn’t look like Robyn Brown is getting the worst deal of all women. No, it seems that Janelle is the one who gave up the most. But Janelle Brown believes that this is what you do in her Sister Wives marriage. Clearly, she doesn’t put herself first. No, it seems that Janelle makes sure that everyone else comes first.

She traveled every weekend from Flagstaff to Vegas to keep open houses for the three properties still on the market. Janelle Brown gave up her weekends.

When Janelle Brown joined the Sister Wives plural with Kody Brown and Meri Brown, she felt like the third wheel. She moved into their guest room after marrying Kody Brown. But she also said she felt like a guest who stayed too long. At that time, Kody Brown’s work was also traveling. He traveled for weeks, according to the book they had written together.

So, when he left on one of his multi-day business trips, he often took Meri Brown with him. This hurt Janelle, along with sowing some anger. They were financially broke and both these co-wives were working.

Meri Brown was not paid for the time she left work. But she did and took off with Kody Brown on his business trip for a week. Then they also bundled their finances to pay all the bills, like they do now.

Janelle Brown thought it was “flaky” that Meri Brown would do this when their little Sister Wives clan was so broke. But it sounds like Kody and Meri Brown left Janelle at home to work. This was before the first child came into the family. It was in the early years when the Browns were just a trio of Kody, Meri and Janelle Brown.

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  1. Janelle is a tough and good natured person. I love the way she found ways of earning money, did her own thing, and not having an implosion when My Sister Wives Closet didn’t work. She kicks ass! Sure wish she’d kick Kodys 😊

  2. I think that Janelle, Mari should leave because they can take care of them self’s. I don’t understand how Mari always gets the bad rap for everything everyone makes mistakes but none of y’all ever cute her any slack. I’m totally not understanding how Janelle’s kids and Christin’s kids Hate Mari and how mean she was y’all need to get your priorities straight and take care of your own.

  3. All of you entered into this plural marriage with wide open eyes, I think these wright ups are merely a way of keeping desperate fans wanting to hear more, but the time has come for us to move on. Especially , given the pandemic we face and uncertain times, rather choose to be happy and if that means parting then so be it. Personally I don’t see what anyone would see in Cody, he has an ego the size of a bus, he hardly has a kind word to say about any of his wives and he doesn’t interact with his children much. Like I said, moving on….

  4. Promoting their lifestyle is sickening. TV is really desperate to put something like Sister Wives on the air. These women are allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by a man that obviously wants the cake and eats it too. It’s all about him and what he wants.

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