Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Notice For Back-end Maneuver

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Notice For Back-end Maneuver

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has buffed up a bit and it seems his new tighter package hasn’t gone unnoticed by his four adoring wives. Kody’s rule is never to be frisky with a wife while the other sister wives are at hand.

But recently, his wives don’t seem to mind starting a little affectionate play with their husbands with Sister Wives’ other husbands around. So it’s not that Kody Brown breaks his rule, it seems his four wives have recently kicked him to the curb.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Notice For Back-end Maneuver

While Kody Brown’s Sister Wives seem to do the best they can to keep jealousy in check, it looks like they’ve changed things up a bit lately. In the last few episodes, three of Kody Brown’s wives mentioned his rear quarters. It seems they’ve somehow indicated how they’re watching it.

In one scene, Meri Brown helped Kody Brown navigate the moving truck up her new home’s driveway. Surprisingly, she shot a pass the way her sister’s husband did. Kody wanted to make sure she was watching the back of the truck so it wouldn’t hit anything.

Instead of just a “yes,” Meri said, “I would love to watch your backside babe”. Sister Wives’ other wives were around at the time, so this didn’t happen in private. Even if they couldn’t hear it, they certainly saw it when they watched the episode. But Meri isn’t alone with her Kody Brown playfulness.

Believe it or not, the wife who most fans consider more conventional than the other three also mentioned her husband’s physique. That’s Janelle Brown. She too gets playful when she calls Kody Brown, so

it looks like he’s brewing a whole fan club among his wives again.

Sister Wives: The Sweaty Side of Things is Just TMI

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Notice For Back-end Maneuver

It seems Kody’s butt is considered tight by Sister Wives’ specifications lately. Christine Brown had to watch Kody Brown’s ass in a scene from last week’s episode.Looks like Kody split his pants and he wanted to know if he did. Kody did more than the usual peeking and seeing for Christine. He shook his booty a little before his third wife and Christine appeared excited.

So, Kody Brown bent over for Christine and asked her to describe what she saw. While Christine tried to keep up to date, Kody seemed to share too much information about his sweaty ass with the Sister Wives camera rolling. It’s not that his pants are too tight, mind you, Kody makes sure he passes on this explanation.

No, his pants split because the Sister Wives patriarch is sweating. Or at least that’s how Kody Brown sees the problem. The father of 18 years old explained how the activity of the move made him sweat. This caused his underwear and trousers to stick to his back. So, when he bent down to pick something up, nothing moved with him.

It seems that his sticky pants and underwear have sticking from the sweat and that by bending the pants have split in the middle. That painted a picture for the viewers of Sister Wives that some could probably have done without.

It seems Kody Brown also has his overall body form on his mind as well as he mentions it quite a bit lately. Who can forget the entertainment that Kody offered in his underwear at his Coyote Pass pond?

If I Do Say So Myself…

Kody played Tarzan in his skivvies as cameras zeroed in on this Sister Wives father.So far this season Kody has been given a lot of time on screen to talk about his body or to show off his camera.

During that clip on the show, Kody Brown described how his undies started to get heavy and fall once they got wet in the pond. Again, just too much information. But it does explain that TLC clouded Kody’s cruising area when the scene hit the screen.

It looks like when he’s not mentioned this might play havoc with his ego. When his daughter Truely Brown met the principal of her new school, she was very forthcoming with four mothers. Kody finds out through his daughter that she didn’t mention her father at all.

So the scene that followed showed all five Sister Wives celebs on that famous couch. Kody turns to Christine and asks in a funny way if she really named her father. He shares his thoughts about not having to leave him in the family with her director.

Kody Brown was surprised their daughter didn’t mention what her father looked like. He said he couldn’t believe she didn’t tell the director that her father was a “good looking guy”.

So, Kody Brown also seems to join his wives in appreciating what they see as his masculinity. Now for the fans, this could be another situation, like beauty in the eye of the beholder, or so they say.

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