Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Been Compared To Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Been Compared To Robyn Brown.

When it comes to the Brown wives, Meri Brown is associated with almost every one of them. She originally married Kody Brown in 1990 and they were very much in love. At that time, Janelle was actually already in his life as she was the wife of Meri’s brother.

Unfortunately, they eventually broke up, so Janelle was free to explore her options. Even though she hadn’t grown up with polygamy, she knew the Browns were a couple she wanted to pursue. In 1993, she married Kody Brown, and the following year their friend Christine joined the family as wife number three. The family did their best to work and function together, overcoming their jealousy issues and balancing each other out. Sixteen years passed and Kody Brown began to itch.

That was when women knew it was time for him to take another wife. Yes, they had looked briefly before, but nothing came up. Finally, while at an event, Meri saw Robyn Brown and told Kody Brown to ask her to dance. He was a delighted kitten from then on. Luckily, he was sweet enough to get along well with children and other women.

It was tough, because she did break some of the rules of courtship, but in the end she became wife number four. He and Meri developed a very close bond and Robyn Brown offered to be a surrogate mother to her sister wife when she was struggling with pregnancy. In addition, Meri divorced Kody so that Robyn Brown could marry him for the sake of her children. They sacrificed for each other, but has Meri become too much like Robyn?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Been Compared To Robyn Brown.

During the 16th season of Sister Wives, Kody Brown was on rotation in his wife’s home due to pandemic security measures. The only home he didn’t actually visit was the Meri home. By then, their marriage had dwindled to mere friendship.

Yet she and Robyn were the only ones who respected his strict protocols. Meri was so desperate to be in his company that she took literally every crumb he could get from him. According to Screen Rant, this was the season where he became so unpopular with fans of the series. Fans believe that she will only stay to play the victim, while Robyn could never leave when she is so loved and adored by Kody.

It’s a big deal for Robyn, who is known to be willing to cry to get what he wants. On the show, Meri looks so battered and confused, but on social media she’s living her best life. She’s travelling and having the best time running her two businesses. In the series, however, she plays the victim mentality. Fans are waiting to see how she reacts to life after Kristine. Then they will assess the situation further.

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