Sister Wives: Their Bond Continues To Grow

Sister Wives: Their Bond Continues To Grow

Does Janelle Brown not feel the same desire as Christine Brown to leave her husband Kody Brown because she’s found a replacement for the void he left for her and her children?

Apparently, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has never felt the pain of being abandoned by Kody Brown. Why? She had someone else step into those shoes to provide her and her children with the support they needed. Who was this person? Well, it was actually Christine Brown.

Janelle explains that her children orbit Christine Brown in the same way they orbit their mother. For those unfamiliar with the family history, Christine Brown was a huge part of Janelle’s children’s childhood. Janelle Brown explains during the tell-all that Christine was there to help raise and protect her children so that she could hold down a job.

Although neither Christine Brown nor Janelle Brown openly admit it, Christine basically took Kody Brown’s place and provided Janelle’s children with the other parent they needed.

Sister Wives: Their Bond Continues To Grow

Janelle and Christine seem to have continued to spend time together even after Christine Brown made the decision to divorce Kody Brown. Fans, however, suspect that they are milking the current drama on the show to push sales of their latest business venture.

Fans know that both Janelle and Christine Brown are neck-deep in a new weight loss product venture. The couple recently posted a photo of themselves together pushing the product while talking about being told “no” and “feeling ignored” in the caption.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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