The Bachelorette: Just like Clare, Michelle has been judged by ‘Bachelor’ Nation

The Bachelorette: Just like Clare, Michelle has been judged by 'Bachelor' Nation

The truth about the friendship of Clare and Michelle is that they have been buddies since 2014, before they were both part of Bachelor in Paradise (via Us Weekly). Nowadays Clare Crawley needs her friends more than ever, since she fell in love with Dale Moss through Chris Harrison, the media and fans! Michelle Money spilled the latest news about her friend on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast at the end of October 2020: “When I last spoke to Clare Crawley, she was having a really hard time. But this is what’s so great about Clare Crawley. She’s like, “All those people who hate me, I just want to help them heal. I want to help them.”

The former Bachelor Nation bad girl stood up for her friend in the Right Reasons interview. Michelle Money noted that the editors of The Bachelorette made it look like Clare Crawley spent more time with Dale than with the other participants, claiming, “That’s what’s frustrating, you don’t get to see the whole story. The way they edit this storyline is so out of context, it’s just as frustrating as her friend”.

The Bachelorette: Just like Clare, Michelle has been judged by ‘Bachelor’ Nation

Bachelorette Clare has had an overwhelmingly negative reaction this season. The haters have stacked up on Clare Crawley for falling so hard for Dale Moss, creating a Bachelorette tsunami not seen since Hannah Brown picked Jed Wyatt! Michelle understands what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the Bachelor fan fury. Michelle Money stirred the pot during Season 15 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack.

In an Instagram video of July 2020 Michelle Money really talked about her time on The Bachelor. Even after 10 years, the former contestant said she still feels “immense stress” because she was positioned as the villain. Michelle’s Instagram message wasn’t completely dark, and that the experience at the reality show also brought her “freedom”.

The sudden fame of a successful reality show can ruin anyone. An article from July 2020 in Refinery 29 outlines some of the mental health problems of reality TV participants, especially those portrayed as villains. In the article, Dr. Walter J. Torres weighed in on the consequences of serious public shame: “[It] has been empirically demonstrated to dump individuals in major depression, suicidal states, and severe anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s good that Clare Crawley has a friend like Michelle Money to help her overcome all negativity, not to mention the support of her husband, Dale!

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