Welcome To Plathville: Are Things Improving For The Plaths?

Welcome To Plathville: Are Things Improving For The Plaths?

For Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath of TLC’s Welcome To Plathville, nothing has been easy. Most of their problems stem from the drama between Ethan and his parents (according to People). The family is very religious and anyone who strays from their beliefs is treated differently. There was a rift between the parents and their son that led to the family no longer being on good terms.

From there, things continued to go downhill for Ethan. Olivia Plath wanted to take a break from her husband (via Screen Rant). She shared on camera that she wanted to take a break so Ethan could figure out what she really wanted, but Ethan was completely blindsided.

It didn’t go well for the couple during the show’s third season, which aired in August. Now, fans are even more worried about the Plaths as rumors about their relationship begin to circulate.

Welcome To Plathville: Are Things Improving For The Plaths?

The Plath teens have been candid about their marital problems. According to Screen Rant, they saw a counselor while filming the show in hopes of helping their damaged marriage. On Instagram, Olivia Plath shared videos to her story of the couple on a date together in a park, playing games, and talking about their upcoming wedding anniversary. This left fans confused, as they believed it was not an accurate representation of the state of their relationship.

These posts come at an interesting time, as Ethan has allegedly put their house on the market. “I’m putting the house on the market because I’ve come to the place in my life where I realize that getting out of Cairo is going to be a good thing for me,” he shared.

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