Welcome To Plathville Viewers Want Lydia Plath To Follow Her Siblings Lead

Welcome To Plathville Viewers Want Lydia Plath To Follow Her Siblings Lead

Welcome to Plathville Viewers are worried about Lydia Plath. The fifth of Ethan and Kim Plath’s nine children – and the oldest who still lives at home – recently broke her parents’ rules when she text messaged a male friend. After her parents confronted her about the messages, Lydia apologized for their disobedience.

But fans of the TLC show fear her mother and father are manipulating her and making her feel guilty for normal teenage behaviour. Some hope she will follow the example of her older siblings and break free from her parents’ strict rules, but others think this is unlikely.

Throughout this season of Welcome to Plathville, 17-year-old Lydia Plath has been keeping in touch with a boy she likes. Kim Plath and Barry Plath don’t object to the relationship, but have asked her to hold off until they can meet him in person.

In the 26 October episode, Kim snooped on her daughter’s phone and didn’t like what she found. Kim discovered numerous text messages between Lydia Plath and the boy, which led to an awkward conversation between the teenager and her parents.

For Lydia Plath, not being honest with her parents about her text messages was a major offence. But many viewers considered this to be normal teenage behaviour. On social media, Kim Plath and Barry Plath were accused of making their daughter feel guilty for her innocent actions.

Welcome To Plathville Viewers Want Lydia Plath To Follow Her Siblings Lead

Kim Plath and Barry Plathy’s rigid standards have already caused a rift between them and their three eldest children, Ethan Plath, Moriah Plath and Micah Plath, and Ethan’s wife Olivia Plath. Ethan and Olivia have no contact with their parents. Moriah and Micah have refused to abide by many of these rules, although they still have a relationship with their parents. Ethan and Olivia have decided to move away from their hometown of Cairo, Georgia, to get away from their parents, and based on the teaser for the season finale (via Twitter), Micah and Moriah seem to be following suit.

Fans of the series think that if Kim Plath and Barry Plath don’t learn to lighten up, they will lose Lydia Plath, just like they lost their older children.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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