Welcome To Plathville: Kim Plath And Husband Barry Are Estranged From Most Of Their Older Kids

Welcome To Plathville: Kim Plath And Husband Barry Are Estranged From Most Of Their Older Kids

On ‘Welcome to Plathville’, Kim Plath is the most controversial actress and her recent antics may have ruined her reputation. Fans of the series have always criticised the matriarch for her overbearing parenting style. People generally don’t like the way she treats her children.

Viewers have accused her of gassing her family during the three seasons of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ and many fans are fed up with it.

Welcome To Plathville: Kim Plath And Husband Barry Are Estranged From Most Of Their Older Kids

Kim Plath, a mother of nine, has been called manipulative of her children by “Welcome to Plathville” viewers. She was very strict when her children were growing up, teaching them at home and keeping them away from other peers. Even though Ethan, Micah and Moriah Plath have all left home, Kim Plath has still found ways to interfere in her children’s lives.

Ethan, along with younger brothers Micah and Isaac Plath, were planning a boys’ get-together to go golfing. Micah and Ethan spend a lot of time together because they both live away from the Plaths’ home, but Ethan hadn’t been allowed to see Isaac for several months.

When Micah and Ethan went to pick up Isaac, Kim Plath said they had to come all the way to his front door to pick him up, even though Ethan and Kim Plath didn’t talk at the time. Ethan said it was another of Kim’s cunning tactics to control the situation and get her way.

When Moriah Plath, Micah Plath and Olivia Plath formed the band, one of Olivia’s conditions was that Kim Plath and Barry Plath couldn’t come to their first performance. Moriah chose Olivia over her parents and asked Kim not to come, but Kim guilted Moriah into coming anyway.

Even though she was hiding in the other car during their performance, Kim’s appearance made the whole evening worse. Welcome to Plathville fans know that Kim and her daughter-in-law Olivia have a rocky relationship. Nonetheless, they were horrified to hear Kim say that Olivia is full of evil spirits. Although Kim claims that Olivia misinterpreted her words, she did not deny saying rude things about her. Kim did not even retract her accusation against Olivia, which damaged her already tarnished reputation.

Kim and Barry Plath also manipulated Lydia Plath so she wouldn’t see her special friend in the third season of “Welcome to Plathville”. Lydia Plath had been texting back and forth with her friend Kim on the phone for months before Kim intervened. Plath’s mother said people should get to know each other in person without giving Lydia Plath permission to see her in person. When Lydia started texting again, Kim and Barry Plath chastised her and told her not to see her anytime soon.

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