Will the ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Have More Kids?

Will the 'Sister Wives' Stars Have More Kids?

They may not be ready yet. On Sunday 19 January, episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown raised the possibility that his youngest children might not be the last of the couple, and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, also left the door open. “Many people, many of my colleagues, are looking forward to an empty litter,” said Kody, 51, at a family gathering. “I’ve never been that person. I’m constantly debating with myself whether Ari is the last one or not.”

He was talking about his last child with Robyn Brown, 41, – their daughter, Ariella. “I realized I’m 50, so by the time Ariella’s done with my little girl, I’ll be 70,” he added in a confessional. “I’ve been looking forward to being a father, or a father, for the past 35 years… It’s a strange thought for me to think that I’m not going to have any more children.”

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Then Robyn Brown said in her own confessional, “It’s as if he’s trying to say, ‘I’m young enough to have more children if I want to’. Kody and I are working as always to make sure that our family is complete and that there is not some sweet little spirit waiting in heaven to be born for our family. We just want to make sure that Ari really is the last of our family.

During the live tweeting of the episode, second wife Janelle Brown added her two cents. “Our faith teaches us that our families have a destiny,” she wrote. “We choose whose family we want to be with before birth. We feel a great calling to make sure our families are complete when we have children. I had this thing with my Savanah.”

However, Robyn’s former good friend Kendra Pollard-Parra revealed to In Touch exclusively in March 2019 that Robyn has finished adding the Brown family. “No, Robyn’s not having another baby,” she said. “She had a really hard pregnancy last time and she gained a ton. She’s already having trouble breathing, so she’s having a really hard time losing weight.”

But Kody and Robyn previously told Us Weekly that they are still open to the possibility. “Right now we feel like we’re ready, but we’re open to God’s inspiration,” Robyn told the outlet in January 2019. “If we let our family grow, that’s some kind of inspiration. Of course, if we were blessed with more children, I would be completely open to that. “

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