Alaskan Bush People – Snowbird Brown Creeped Out By Rain Brown

Alaskan Bush People - Snowbird Brown Creeped Out By Rain Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown creeped out Snowbird Brown last week by sharing a secret and adding a demonstration to top it off. But it looks like the Brown family has bigger fish to fry when another new episode comes out Wednesday night. Last week, Snowbird told her sister Rain she was scared by what she said.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown Creeped Out By Rain Brown

Snowbird is known as the cat-lover in the Alaskan Bush People family. But Rain Brown also has a special place in her heart for animals. So when she thought Gypsy the cat was suffering from the pain of not milking kittens, she offered relief. Rain told her sister Bird that she milked the cat.

Now that Rain has goats, she milks them and uses the milk for drinking and cooking. So, Snowbird reminded her that Gypsy is not a goat. Snowbird is the “mad cat lady”, as she refers to herself. Then Bird Brown adds what Rain Brown did to the cat, and she even managed to sneak up on her.

Rain is the youngest child of the Alaskan Bush People clan. Her friendliness for animals often comes to the fore this season. But it seems Rain cared too much for the cat for Sister Snowbird, who gave her sister a rather funny warning. She warned her not to milk the male cats.

Alaskan Bush People: Each Week Sibling Oddities Highlighted

Alaska Bush People fans seem to think Rain’s brothers and sisters and their parents are running out of storylines. But every week this season, the siblings take turns in the spotlight. A number of other rather creepy incidents manage their way into the scenes.

Snowbird Brown castrating a goat was a bit much for the fans to watch. With the help of her brother she tied a rubber band around the goat’s testicles. Later the sisters found the discarded gonads in a stomach pounding moment.

Then Snowbird and Rain talked about keeping them as souvenirs. Last week Gabe Brown taught Bear Brown to dance seductively for his new girlfriend and added a special touch. Bear Brown first brought Raiven Adams to Mount Alaskan Bush People.

But, Bear’s dancing turned out to be like stomping, which Gabe noticed on the screen. But he did learn a few moves that should do the trick, or so Gabe said. So what’s next?

Alaskan Bush People: Danger Creeps In For New Episode Wednesday

This coming Wednesday evening the episode of Alaska Bush People looks serious. The preview shows thunderstorms hovering over the mountain. A few lightning strikes manage to ignite a wildfire. It seems that Brown’s mountain complex is in danger.

As the fire looms in the backyard of the Alaskan Bush People’s, they rush to move animals and people from the North Star Ranch. First, they used an old-fashioned fire alarm to warn the family. But Rain and the siblings support it with more warnings.

Those warnings come from the howling of the wolfpack. The scenes look terrifying on the Discovery Channel preview. Then, Noah sweeps in with a small school bus and they fill it with people and animals.

Next, they race off the ranch as Bear looks out the back window and tell the family that the fire is coming in “on our back”.They called it a possible “storm of the century”. So, if you want to know how the Alaskan Bush People are coping with this catastrophe, you’ll have to tune in to see Rain and the others race to save their cattle.

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  1. The thing that freaks me out is the two girls still playing with dolls that’s a little weird and why do they have to hell like wolves makes him look so stupid

  2. It is totally disgusting and he doesn’t look like he is built well enough to keep if 5 wives! He would be like used up wipes that you would not touch again after once used!🥵🥵🥵🥵

  3. I have nothing but respect for the whole family mr brown .you are an amazing man farther and husband. You are a better man than I could ever be .everything that you have been through in I mean shessh. God bless you you deserve this

  4. I guess it would be okay if the whole thing was not completely FAKE. Both the girls are creepy
    and Bear is just a circus act. How humiliating for the discovery channel………. wow

  5. If the news is right – let’s face it, it seldom is these days – these Browns may well have been completely burned out. I am sad to see as no matter what you think about the individuals in the family, they have worked their buns off to get what they seek. I have known Mr Brown for about 20 years having met him and Ami years ago in AK. He is one of the finest people I’ve ever known. The kids are unique but in all likelihood – so are you. One thing for certain: They are caring, loving people. We’d all do better if we took lessons from the Brown’s love of family.
    If you don’t dig it, don’t watch it.

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