‘Sister Wives’ – Kody Brown’s mansion seems unlikely to materialize

'Sister Wives' - Kody Brown’s mansion seems unlikely to materialize

Sister Wives’ Sunday episode showed Kody Brown present his vision of one massive home to the family. Afterward, he took to Twitter saying that he felt alone in wanting it. Then Christine Brown said she hated the idea. And, Janelle also twittered about how she loves the concept. So, with at least two women on either side of the fence, is it likely that Kody will get his dream house?

Kody Brown’s mansion seems unlikely to materialize

At the end of the previous season on TLC, fans saw Kody Brown discussing his plans for the big house. Finally, he let the wives in on his secret mission. He wants this giant home where each wife has a separate apartment and a communal living space. But, with the jealousy factoring in, it is difficult for some fans to think that it could possibly work. After all, Christine talked more than once about how she struggles with jealousy. Even in separate houses, it seems to be a big problem for her when the whole family gets together.

TV Shows Ace reported that Christine Brown feels there is a huge downside to a man with more than one woman. After all, when she and Kody fight and they come together with the others, she feels guilty. Maybe she’s the one with the problem. It’s hard for the Sister Wives star to see him on good terms with the other women. Some people believe that this kind of thing is stressful and amounts to mental abuse. We speculated that it really can’t be that good for her mental health. It could be even worse if she shares one large common space with the others all the time.

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown feels alone in his mission for one giant home, but Janelle likes it

InTouch Weekly noticed that Kody felt all alone after the show on Sunday. They wrote, “Kody twittered on Sunday, January 19th, episode… …and noted that he didn’t feel like he had much support.” His tweet says completely, “I felt totally lonely in that presentation. ALL ALONE. TOTALLY LONELY.” Well, he didn’t get much sympathy from the fans of the show who felt he just wanted everything in his own way. One person said, “I’m surprised you’re surprised. They’ve made their opinion very clear in recent years, (sic).”

But, Janelle thinks it’s a good idea. In fact, in the show, she told the others to at least hear Kody before she makes a decision. She also tweeted after Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives. In her tweet, she said to the fans, “It won’t be a secret. I’m in love with the one-home idea,” might not be such a big problem for her, jealously enough. After all, the fans have always known that she and Kody get along as buddies rather than lovers. Also, in historical seasons, Janelle has been the least likely to get jealous.

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  1. Maybe he needs a new wife to make sure he’s not alone, poor guy. How is it that the viewers all know this would go over like a lead balloon but he could not figure it out. That huge house will never have any resell price. They all need to get back to Las Vegas where they shouldn’t have left until their homes sold! How stupid can those 5 people be?

  2. This is so weird. Honestly, I see these women as hypocrites. Do you want to be in a polygamous marriage? It seems that they want to live like they aren’t. He’s only really married to one of them anyway. How is what they want any different than a guy who bounces from one baby mama to another? If you’re not married to all of them and they don’t share a residence then it’s no different. What a scam!

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