90 Day Fiance: Inside Eric Nichols And Larissa Lima’s Social Media Drama

90 Day Fiance: Inside Eric Nichols And Larissa Lima's Social Media Drama

90 Day Fiance stars Eric and Larissa seemed intended when they met on a dating app after Larissa divorced from her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, in 2019. The two soon felt a bond and started seeing each other exclusively – so quickly that Eric Nichols attended Larissa Lima’s divorce party, by Screen Rant.

The seemingly perfect couple, however, had their share of problems. In a drama-filled episode aired in July 2020, Larissa Lima found out that Eric had badly named her after his friends. What makes it worse? He even told her ex-husband all their secrets. “I feel broken now. I feel very sad,” she said to the cameras, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I feel like a woman, destroyed.” She added that she thought she couldn’t trust Eric Nichols anymore. 

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols seemed to be working through their problems and had shared a few photos on their social media accounts – so far. Here’s why 90 Day Fiance fans think that Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols’s relationship is over.

90 Day Fiance: Inside Eric Nichols And Larissa Lima’s Social Media Drama

It’s like 90 Day Fiance stars Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima are not “happily ever after” anymore. Larissa Lima’s Instagram page has pretty convincing evidence that she removed Eric Nichols from her life because she removed all the photos that contained him from her page from November 2020, and both reality stars unfolded each other. The sudden split surprised the fans because Eric Nichols had posted a selfie of the two together at the end of October 2020. 

Of course, the fans were begging for some details, but Larissa Lima is in no hurry to address the rumors. When the fans responded to her “Ask me a question” sticker on her Instagram story, she posted the question about her relationship with no answer. She then shared the question with a missing poster showing a picture of Eric attached to her story, as reported by Screen Rant. The potential rupture speculation came only a month after Larissa Lima allegedly moved from Nevada to Eric’s home state of Colorado. The couple seemed serious about building a life together and talked about tying the knot, according to an interview from Life & Style. “We have plans to get married one day, but not now,” Larissa confirmed. “Now we want to make money together, we want to buy a house, we want to achieve a lot of goals.

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  1. How can the 90 day fiance stay here not married according to immigration be sent back.????
    According to immigratio you must be married within that time. Are there separate allowances for STARS

  2. Larisa is such a joke I want her to explain to me how hitting all these plastic surgeries are going to benefit her children she’s constantly saying that I’m saying how it’ll improve their life I don’t see how her getting her boobs butt eyes and everything else done is going to help her children except for it to make her look unrecognizable and they won’t know that that the deplorable woman is their mother

  3. Seriously Larissa…
    What “loving Mother” leaves her children in persuite of love for herself? Selfish! You are missing the best years with your kids and leaving someone else to do the “job” of raising them so you can look pretty & have a good time! Get your priorities straight for God’s sake! Either be a Mom, or not! Sorry, selfish of you!! Sorry, but children need a Mother! Maybe you should re-tbink your priorities? Your children are innocent and paying a price so you can have fun in the U$!

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