90 Day Fiance: Deavan Eventually Revealed Drascilla’s Diagnosis

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Eventually Revealed Drascilla's Diagnosis

Deavan had a remarkable journey at TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, where fans followed her relationship with Jihoon. Deavan Clegg married Jihoon Lee in October 2019 and moved to Korea, according to ScreenRant, to promote her relationship with Jihoon and their conflicts over money, the site also reported. In fact, money became such a frequent topic that fans wondered what Deavan Clegg was doing for a living. And Deavan Clegg’s mother even weighed in on the conversation.

Then, in September 2020, Deavan Clegg made headlines when she was spotted back in the United States with a new boyfriend. It was actually in response to the headwinds of the fans that Deavan confirmed the sad news that she and Jihoon Lee were getting a divorce.

Aside from all this drama, the fans have invested in Deavan and her little family. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee share a son, Taeyang, and Deavan Clegg has a daughter, Drascilla, from a previous relationship. At the end of October 2020, Deavan Clegg gave fans a sad update on Drascilla’s health, according to ScreenRant.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Eventually Revealed Drascilla’s Diagnosis

On October 31, 2020, Deavan gave fans a brief indication that her daughter, Drascilla, was struggling with health problems. On her Instagram story, Deavan Clegg said (via In Touch Weekly): “Our baby girl is going through a difficult time right now.

Many health problems at the moment. Please send your prayers.” Deavan Clegg remained optimistic and added: “We think we know what is going on. In the hope that we can make a quick diagnosis. She also thanked followers for their kind messages.

Then, on November 2, 2020, Deavan told the fans the news. “We did find out that Drascilla has Bell’s palsy. We are sad but work hard with her. She’s getting better with new exercises,” Deavan explained on Instagram stories, according to In Touch. “Thank you all for sending your prayers. We hope she will fully recover. But right now, we hope to see our princess smiling again”.

Bell’s palsy, as CinemaBlend notes, “is a condition that causes muscle weakness on one side of the face, paralyzing the face or causing muscle weakness”. It is unclear what the cause is, but the treatment can be very successful and people can fully recover in a period of “2 weeks to 6 months”. This must be so difficult for Drascilla, but it is clear that Deavan Clegg is optimistic and is doing everything she can to ensure that her daughter makes a full recovery.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Sad, my nephew’s mom got bells palsy during her pregnancy for him, that was 18 years ago and she still to this day has a slight notice of it on the one side when she smiles. She’s still gorgeous and lives a normal healthy life, praying for her and her family. Get better little one!

  2. So sorry Drascilla is having medical problems but being a healthcare worker for many years maybe they need a second opinion. It is best to face up to her illnesses now than later. Please someone step up and have this child diagnosed in a medical facility where they can deal and support this child and her family.

  3. I’m going through the same thing right niw with bell’s paulsy, it been 2 week’s. I have been going to the chiropractor 3 day’s a week,he also doing cold Lazer therapy. Its getting alot better.Prayers to your daughter.

  4. Drascilla diagnosis? Easy. ADD, ADHD, Severe hyperactivity, hyperglycemia, juvenile Parkinson’s disease, juvenile delinquency, mildly mentally challenged, authoritative disgust syndrome.

  5. This woman is a pathological liar. She has been caught in too many false stories to count so while it’s never a good thing to hear about a child being ill, it’s extremely hard to believe her with anything. Especially how she throws the word “abuse” around so freely– lying about JiHoon abusing her kid yet she has zero proof. I cannot believe y’all are still talking about this broad!

    News flash Deavan– you 15 minutes was up a long time ago!

  6. Please everybody please note the disease last two to six months and makes you look like you have palsy on the face is distorted but it goes away it is a big nothing after that she’s looking for sympathy maybe a little money from you do not fall for this look at a lady who runs a web Channel called hard-working mom she has the exact same thing as now 6 months later and she was 100% perfect give me a break Devon stop looking for sympathy it’s not

  7. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Not only is it not a serious health problem, it’s a temporary condition that literally just causes TEMPORARY facial paralysis. There’s no underlying reason it just happens but leave it up to deavan to play this up and act like it’s some huge scoop when she wants sympathy. Read the room dude.

  8. Prayers for Drascilla. I am over 60 and have BELLS Palsy. I have now had it for 18 months and have damage to my face. Will be thinking of you as you fight this. You go girl

  9. Just went thru this with my 12 yr old son over the summer. His Bells cleared up in about 6 weeks. He got it from a tick bite as he also tested positive for Lyme disease. Well wishes sent.

  10. Bell’s palsy as well as many neuropsychiatric conditions can be caused by infections like Lyme disease, Bartonella, etc. ( from a simple tick bite) Best to get a second opinion from an experienced M.D. – one that is Lyme literate.

  11. In my eyes I think she is trying to find a way for people to feel badly for her and her daughter because everybody is pointing out the fact that she doesn’t discipline her kid and how badly her kid is because of the lack of discipline. I really do believe that she is trying to find something to get everyone off of the subject of Devin doesn’t mother her kid correctly. Deaven is a pathological liar and I don’t believe anything she says unless there’s proof and a lot of proof not just a little I wouldn’t believe it and even if she did have this issue it’s only temporary and it’s not going to harm her at all there’s no excuse for not discipline your child and then try to blame a younger man who you married for the way she acts clearly Deaven needs to stop having kids with every man that she thinks is cute and every man she needs to quit laying down with that gives her any kind of positive attention men don’t care what you look like if you’re going to lay on your back and take your pants off the man’s going to come lay on top of you Deaven.

  12. Bell’s Palsy is NOT a serious health condition! If anything, it’s more of an annoyance and is usually resolved quickly. I’ve had it twice, once when I was about 8, and once when I was in my late 20s. Daily facial exercises and acupuncture helped me. Maybe Deavan should parent her children and quit looking for another baby daddy!

  13. My goodness, there’s no reason for the cruel words. What you all know of this family is what you’ve read or saw on TV. This is a child. If she has a health issue it is serious to her mother. Any parent would be concerned about their child regardless of the length of time they have the health issue. Please, have compassion and treat others how you would like to be treated, especially a child. Calling her names or making fun of her name is an embarrassment to the adult doing it.

  14. I had it caught in when I was in my mid 20’s. Takes a while less than year to finally get back on track. If she had any features that don’t move rub them gently daily it will help reactivate the nerves is the best way to describe it. She is healthy she will be fine just give it time. I’m doing great came back once for like a couple days. I’m great and turning 65 in a couple weeks if that helps ease your mind at all.

  15. I love all who have made a REAL comment! I knew something was wrong with that child when Jihoon parents came to states and the mother made scrambled eggs and this ADHD child stuck her hand in the eggs and laughed her slow acting mother(something wrong with Deavan and her mother) did nothing. That’s why it pissed me off when they blamed Jihoon for the child running in the street. Also the 90 day crew already confirmed how bad she was while filming.

  16. Deacon I am so sorry to hear Drascilla is going through this is must be scary for you and her. I pray she will come through this with no lasting affects from it. My son-in-law had it when he was younger and his eye and mouth is still has some drooping from it. Prayers to little Drascilla and for you and don’t listen to the haters out here I know how much you love your babies.

  17. It IS Deavon’s “JOB” to milk the kindness of the people that follow her story, or should I say stories. Get a job and more importantly start providing some parental guidance for a change you lazy brat. God help the children in your care.

  18. I am disgusted by some of the comments here, you people ( I use that term lightly) are disgusting, this is about a sick child regardless if she has ADD , she’s a CHILD . Grow up and get some class.

  19. Good thing she’s so worried about her daughter’s health that she had to get knocked up again by yet a third guy. That will give her so much more time to focus on her daughter I’m sure. I don’t believe a word out of this woman’s mouth. It was obvious the first season her child had bottle rot, because she was still on one filled with red sugary garbage at age 3!…. She admitted to letting them have whatever they want and not disciplining her under the guise of calling it “free range parenting” cuz that’s how her mom raised her. Well we all see how well that worked out. but now she’s concerned about her daughter’s health?!… GTFO. Her 15 min is over. Can we just stop putting her in the news so that she’ll go away? Lots of people live with Bell’s Palsy. She isn’t special for taking care of her child. It’s her job. Stop patting her on the back for this shit before she realizes it gets her more attention and then these poor kids have to go thru childhood with mom who has munchausen’s ffs!

  20. My prayers are with Deavan and her children!!! I pray for Drascilla’s speedy recovery!! As a concerned mother, Deavan reached out and asked for prayers for her child!! I applaud her strength!! I’m not understanding the negative comments at all. I mean we all have different parenting techniques and may not agree with others, but those are her children and her parenting style !! Who are we to judge?? Prayers and blessings to u and ur family Deavan

  21. Bells Palsy is a virus that invaded the nerves on one side of the face, not life threatening! Like any virus, will run it’s course, treatment is by symptoms only such as the eye affected may need extra lubrication with OTC tears & sometimes taping the eye lid down at night to protect the eye.

  22. Well…maybe it will be enough to slow that spoiled maniac brat down a bit. Its pretty bad when the crew of a TV show threatens to walk off the set because they are ‘saddled’ with a kid that does NO wrong, is constantly into everything & her mother & grandmother encourages it…BRAT!


  24. This woman is a compulsive liar! After all the lies I find it hard to believe anything she says. She is always playing the victim to make herself look better! Try parenting for a while before introducing yet another man to your bed and your children!

  25. Deacon is a piece of work! I hope that the little girl is not sick because she needs discipline in the worst way! Druscilla is so awful! Somebody needs to smack both their butts and set them straight!! Poor Jihoon!

  26. While this condition is more common in adults, children and adolescents can have Bell’s palsy. Usually, Bell’s palsy goes away by itself within a few weeks or months. A very small number of children will have the symptoms for life.May 7, 2010
    Yall give this woman a break does she need to parent better maybe but who are we to judge her shes a young mom tryin to do her best. I may not agree with her parenting but i refuse to bash her bc her childs having a medical issue that in fairness can affect kids and can be quite scary in adults more less a child.

  27. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and my face is paralyzed, I have not gotten any better but I was misdiagnosed. I have PAD among multiple other autoimmune diseases so I continue to have mini strokes and some are not so mini. I am praying for a complete and total healing.

  28. Wow, as much as I cannot stand Devan I cannot believe these comments. Half of you are probably parents, so saying these things about a child is so wrong! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  29. Sorry, about the little girl’s health problems BUT I just can’t feel sorry for Deavan. Her story is horrible – she’s not a VICTIM like she likes to come across. And her personality is duhhhhh! I feel bad that Jihoon got hooked up with her. He clearly was in over his head!

  30. Sad to hear that Drascilla has Bell’s Palsy. However that has no bearing whatsoever on the fact that this little girl’s behavior is atrocious! She’s wild, disruptive, and totally out of control. Plus she always looks so dirty! Her hair is always greasy and her face clearly has not been washed much at all. Why does Deavan not clean, groom and discipline her daughter??
    And I’m sorry – she didn’t just suddenly get an ultrasound to be told she’d miscarried. She’d have had some bleeding or other indication that her pregnancy HAD LEFT HER BODY. She lies so much I think she actually believes her own deceptions. SMH.

  31. Diagnosis: shes just a spoiled brat who needs discipline. Bells palseys a minor disorder that corrects itself after awhile. It does not cause hyperactivity, horrific behavior, or trouble with authority. Those are caused by lack of parenting. Your childs straight up a brat.

  32. This chick has lied from day one. I don’t believe a word of this and I’m sure others will not either. Deavan has no following. She’s using her kid now for sympathy? How pathetic!

  33. Deavan you are exposing your children to too many different men…..grab a seat and get your insecurities together.

  34. I question the diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy because my research says it happens to adults who have previously had other illnesses such as shingles.

    MOST of the time it is temporary, even a majority of time. However, a small percentage òf people are stuck with it forever. I happen to be one of those people and it is a bit hard to accept but life isn’t over. It is what it is.

    I have nothing against the toung lady from 90 Day Fiance’ but I do question the diagnosis she has offered on her little girl. Don’t be so quick to throw around other diagnoses either. How unfair and short-sighted. The little girl needs structure and stability for a chance to shine. I hope she is getting that now and that her mother is not flying around the world leaving her behind. Does her mom need to do something? Yes. Take some parenting classes and get a grip on setting guidelines while her kids are still young or there will be absolute chaos their entire lives. Back off the armchair diagnoses that are labeling and require mind-altering medications. Leave it to the professionals who can conduct appropriate tests.

    I wish the family goodness.

  35. Quit trying to make excuses for your bad parenting, your child’s a hot mess because you DO NOT HAVE BOUNDARIES!! You had your 15 minutes, make your kids your FIRST priority

  36. After watching every episode I assumed she would have been diagnosed with ADHD and maybe even be on the autism spectrum.

  37. You guys are just damn ignorant. I don’t have to tell you who you are. A bunch of liberal democrats. No wonder God, is burning California burn. Mark my words, he is mad. Now just because your fat and ugly doesn’t mean you need to attack a child. And I don’t give a rats butt what you think you know about Devan. God, will get you all. NOW YOU FAT UGLY THINGS BEST APOLOGIZE!

  38. I have had Bells Palsey for 2 years. I have had blood work done and they tell me it’s not lymes . I have had treatments from 2 chiropractors and had acupuncture 3 times and nothing has helped
    I wish her good health

  39. I didn’t discipline my dog for not minding me and when he got ran over and killed, it was my fault. She needs to realize what danger she putting her child in. Besides that everyone dislike a child with bad behavior. Devon is lazy or she doesn’t care about her child.

  40. Jihoon should get custody of Taeyang. Deaven did such a horrendous job with Drascilla, she shouldn’t be allowed to ruin another child.

  41. I have Never heard people be so cruel about a child! I sure hope it made you feel better. Because all it did was make YOU look like an ASS . And you wonder why our country is the way it is. Calling a child names . All the mother asked for was Prayers. You people defently have an evil soul. .

  42. Very strange indeed. Bells Palsy doesnt usually hit that age. Her mom seems disturbed or narcissist. I watched some of her videos and couldnt take it anymore. Is she looking for more attention? Appears so. Said Drascillas dad abused her. Then said Jioon abused her. WTH. She needs serious mental help.

  43. Sont know the cause???? Ph please. Its vaccines. Thats the cause. Healthy children dont turn and become diseased like that, with child diseases on the rise EVERYTIME there a new vaccine added. NOT COINCIDENCE. FACT. VACCINES KILL. VACCINE INJURE. your kids healthy? Think again. They have allergies, diabetes, cancer add, adhd etc autuism. Bitch it vaccine

  44. A lot of you commenting are exhibiting horrible behaviors. I know we are all covid strained but have some knowledge we don’t know this person in reality and you’re badmouthing a child!

  45. Yeah Deavan, you are like one of the rudest young ladies I’ve ever seen. you blamed jihoon for everything. And your mother is just as rude as you! If it’s true about your daughter she will get better do not wish that on anyone’s child. I hope she gets better. but you ! you need to learn some manners and how to speak to someone teach your children better. we don’t want anyone punching them in the mouth ! Get yourself together girl! learn how to treat a man or you’ll be alone!

  46. Yeah Deavan, you are like one of the rudest young ladies I’ve ever seen. you blamed jihoon for everything. And your mother is just as rude as you! If it’s true about your daughter she will get better do not wish that on anyone’s child. I hope she gets better. but you ! you need to learn some manners and how to speak to someone teach your children better. we don’t want anyone punching them in the mouth ! Get yourself together girl! learn how to treat a man or you’ll be alone!

  47. Bells Palsy is to be taken seriously. I came down with it 5 years ago. It was due to extreme stress, etc. I struggle with it to this day. But mine was an extreme case. So basically anyone that says it isn’t serious is so wrong. Unless you have experienced it, you have no idea how frustrating it is.

  48. I have never liked deacon or her mother, and as for her her daughter she’s a spoiled rotten little bratty! And you all are right deacon just wants attention as always.. always playing victim? Please deacon we all know what your about, your daughter is fine so get over the lying bullshit! Your so fake you make Barbie look real!! As for jihoon the best thing that ever happened to him is divorcing your bitch ass!., hopefully you will woman up and let him be in his child’s life don’t be Anymore pathetic than you already are!!

  49. I have never liked deavon or her mother, and as for her daughter she’s a spoiled rotten little bratt! And you all are right deavon just wants attention as always.. always playing victim? Please deavon we all know what your about, your daughter is fine so get over the lying bullshit! Your so fake you make Barbie look real!! As for jihoon the best thing that ever happened to him is divorcing your bitch ass!., hopefully you will woman up and let him be in his child’s life don’t be Anymore pathetic than you already are!! You are accusing him of cheating and ask him 21 Questions have you stopped ever look in the mirror at your damn self ain’t nothing but a hoe like mother like daughter I’d be embarrassed if you were my daughter no actually if you were my daughter I’d beat your ass for acting like a pathetic little coward bitch play me somebody for abusing your child how dare you put those wise out there like that how dare you put someone else’s life in jeopardy you’re a raunchy ass ratchet bitch!

  50. It is not life threatening… but in some cases bells palsy can be permanent… I have it and it lasted a year. It is a pain in the butt. Your eye on the paralyzed side will not close you have to tape it closed so it won’t dry out. It can affect self esteem… you drool on one side. Once you get it there is always a chance it can come back… I hope with the right exercises her little face will be back to normal soon.

  51. I agree with many others!! That kid is a BRAT!!! I don’t wish health issues on anyone but this kid has needed that soft spot on her backside whooped. My mother would never have tolerated that kind of behavior and neither would I. This is what’s wrong with kids in the U.S. Not enough ass whooping. Not severe or with an object but a good paddling never hurt anyone. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

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