90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Explains Why She Wants To Move Back To Las Vegas

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Explains Why She Wants To Move Back To Las Vegas

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima revealed in September that she had moved from Las Vegas to Colorado to be with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols. The 34-year-old’s boyfriend revealed when he sold his house in Las Vegas, and the couple moved to a new home in Colorado Springs.

“House closed today. We’ve moved and are ready for Colorado Springs. #coloradolife,” Larissa wrote in September. It seems that the Brazilian reality TV star has had a change of heart about moving to Colorado.

After the fans speculated about her relationship status, Larissa resurfaced with her boyfriend Eric, but revealed that she doesn’t want to marry him. It seems that Lima’s last straw with Colorado was a failed lip job, as she was less than impressed with the local cosmetic surgeon. In 90 Day Fiance, Eric and Larissa made up for it after a fracture, and he supported her through most of her plastic surgery transformation.

Larissa erased all her Instagram photos with Eric last week and they unfolded. The on and off pair seems to be on again, but they seem to be about to break up again when Larissa teases a move to Las Vegas.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Explains Why She Wants To Move Back To Las Vegas

The former 90 Day Fiance star took her Instagram story earlier this week to answer some fan questions. “Are the people of Colorado more conservative? Do you think they welcome foreigners as Vegas?” one fan asked. Larissa Lima praised the “picturesque views” in response but said the city doesn’t have opportunities to make money and advises the city to retirees or those “settled in life.

When another fan asked why she moved to Colorado, Larissa replied, “I have to, I’ve gone crazy.

Larissa has another reason to leave Colorado for Vegas – the plastic surgeons. The 34-year-old blamed Colorado’s lack of professionalism for her failed lip service after praising her surgeon in Vegas. “Unfortunately, I’m here in Colorado for now, and I can’t fly every time I need a lip injection, but I’ve learned my lesson; it’s important to find a good professional,” Larissa said on her Instagram story.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. This question is for Larissa Lima. I understand that you have children in Brazil. Why don’t you go back to Brazil and be with them? I am a mother also and I do not understand how a person can just leave their children in the care of someone else for the purpose of getting a husband and getting cosmetic surgery. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

  2. She wants to be a tv star or porn star or stripper,one of those three , don’t care about her children ,she says she don’t worry about them cause there in good hands, what mother does that ? She’s in colorado cause there’s no rent there , erikky pays the bills ,go home ,be a mother your kids can look up to !!!!

  3. She should take that money and go get her children and give them a home.
    But she won’t because she is a self centered
    She could care less for her kids.
    They probably are better off away from a piece of scum like her

  4. How do you adapt to your children beng so far away from you? I understand your working in US and show is about you. Children grow so fast you miss so much. I hope you get visit often with them♥️

  5. Larissa only thinks of her own happiness. All children needs the love of their parents exspecially their Mom. She should of taken that money and purchase a home for herself and her children. Instead she is chasing down a man to support her and buy her expensive gifts. Larissa needs to stand on her own two feet and support herself and kids. She needs a green card to bring her kids here. Buy your own house Lassissa stop using a man for your needs.

  6. I fully agree. She said in on episode that she was doing all of this for her children. I just don’t buy it! She got her breasts done for her children, her but for her children, her lips? Unless she plans to send money back from porn, stripping, or hooking then I don’t get it. It’s not for her kids!

  7. I do NOT understand all of this money put out to ruin one’s looks! Ericeeee was a dumbass to pay for these surgeries. Where did he think she was going to get the $ to pay him back? Dummy!!!!!!

  8. You need to go back to Brazil and care for your children. How do you sleep at night knowing you aren’t there for them.? Oh, wait. You’re looking out for you and only you. Eric, you can’t be this dumb. Dump her, hell , you know how much money you will be saving?

  9. This gold digger is just that Eric is an idiot for paying for this slobs fake everything. Her ass is for sale to the highest bidder…she should be raising her kids..this should prove what kind of character she has. She’s concerned only about what fool will buy her things…that’s a whore..and an ugly one inside and out

  10. This woman is a disgusting selfish whore who’s just using men for her own selfish needs. She left her kids because if they were with her, she wouldn’t be able to find a man to pay for her boob job and cosmetic surgery. She needs to go back to Brazil and be with her kids. And she needs to stop getting plastic surgery because she’s starting to look super fake! She’s not gonna get any prettier getting more cosmetic surgery just uglier and faker!

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